5 good reasons why Entertainers should start using Spreaker today

Hi guys, today I would like to suggest to our fellow entertainers some good reasons for joining Spreaker and become power users. Here they are:

1. Live Broadcasting (when you want to)

With Spreaker you can broadcast live at any time from the comfort of your home, but you can also use it for practicing your material without any pressure. It’s an easy way to rehearse your shows and, when you feel ready, it becomes great opportunity to spread the voice around the World.

2. Real time interaction

One of the best services we can provide you is Real-Time interaction; it allows you to know how the audience is appreciating your work. You can get feedbacks, suggestions and any kind of reaction during your performance; quite interesting, isn’t it?

3. Show Promotion

Once you have recorded a show, either live or podcast, you can share it on popular social networks or embed it on your website or your blog. Thanks to the Facebook Connect feature, everything you do on Spreaker is automatically posted on your facebook wall, making it very easy to reach a wider audience and keeping your fans update in real time.

4. Spread the voice over the World

Spreaker gives you the opportunity to reach a wide and mixed audience, thus becoming international in an easier and faster way. What are you waiting for?

5. Create your online portfolio

Once you have finished your live broadcasts, they are automatically stored on your account for your audience to listen to them whenever they want. And you can send a direct link to clubs or agents.

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