Spreaker’s Staff Pick of the Week: Casa Babylon

Tonia’s pick!

Casa Babylon on UniStrani WebRadio, is dedicated to integrating cultures and offering information and history on the Italian language.

The show comes together thanks to the students of l’Università per Stranieri (University for Foreigners) and is hosted by Martina Orti and Nadia Gallicchio. Its title, Casa Babylon, was inspired by Mano Negra’s song about the vibrant cultures and languages of the world. Every show features a special, foreign guest discussing his or her culture and language through music, recipes, art, local proverbs and expressions, and life experiences. The program also presents itself as a sort of linguistics laboratory with segments on Italian grammar, etymological games, and immigrant literature from the periodical “il Segnalibro”.

The University has noticed the success and intrigue of the show, and has taken a full interest in it. Viewing it as an extension of the classroom, the Dean and professors have been supporting and promoting it as well.

The organizers of the show, Valentina Carbona e Daniele Forcella, get students running the show, and do the difficult task of balancing entertainment with culture and education with success. You’re not only learning about different perspectives, but changing your own as well.
Open your mind and check out the show every Tuesday from 11AM fo 12 PM (GMT +1).
We really love the way these guys use Spreaker!!

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