Spreaker’s Staff Pick of the Week: Cutty Bang Radio!

This week Francesco’s pick!

San Francisco musician Cutty Bang brings his eclectic and colorful tastes to Spreaker on Cutty Bang Radio. “Drawing influence from everything from classic doowop, funk, 60s theme music” and more to create his own tracks, he projects these styles onto his broadcasts as well.

Cutty Bang always starts off the show with some positive notes, and eases listeners into the day. His show includes “rare groove, breaks, famous samples, obscurities & all around good music,” and not to mention the occasional classic rock or indie tune. He spans the decades featuring musical gems and new soundscapes, introducing listeners to perhaps overlooked, but totally worthy artists. After a listen you feel energized, feeling good, and knowing so much more about music than you did before.

Check out Cutty Bang Radio every Monday and Friday at 10:30 AM PST to get into the groove, and don’t forget to take a listen to his personal tunes and latest album The Ghosts From Outer Space here. He’s open to hearing from his listeners, so don’t be shy to chat or drop him a line!

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