Podcasting with Dave Thackeray of ThePodcastGuy.com!

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We had the pleasure to talk to the great Dave Thackeray of ThePodcastGuy.com and ambassador of the EPA11.  Starting out as a journalist wanting to bring newspaper to life, to now managing websites, and creating podcasting strategies and web radio programs for others, Dave has gained tons of insight and experience in the podcasting game, and is a fountain of advice and knowledge on the subject. Listen to the audio, and check out these golden nuggets extracted from the interview:

Engage the listener Everyone seems to have a self made business or blog, and achieving success is not just about wanting to sell your product or content, but also about engaging your clients. Podcasting  goes beyond the business or blog, and creates a dialogue between yourself and your audience, where you can share everything you know as well as listen to your listeners’ requests.

Market effectively Approach marketing your content by using the most effect method first. Start with a video blog, extract the audio as an MP3 using a service like Snipmp3.com, and transcribe the audio into a blog article. It’s the same content, but repurposed, and it reaches your audience in three different ways.

New to podcasting? If you want to get into podcasting, you most likely already have content you’d like to share. If you do already have a blog, use Google Analytics to find your most popular articles and turn that into a podcast, giving it a fresh update or new spin. Podcasting is a great way to test the waters and grow some confidence before diving into video. If you don’t have any articles or blog to go from, do your research and get inspired by different posts already out there. Check out blog directories like Technorati and start browsing content there.

Make solid content Write down a plan. Podcasting is a commitment, and to stick around for the long run you need to set down your objectives. You know what to talk about, but what’s the end game? Get more traffic on your site? Help customers? Get different perspectives on your content and create a dialogue by taking on a cohost, or even a different cohost every show.  Don’t forget to always carry around a pad and pen with you!

Use the power of celebrity Make up a list of 10 people you’d like to interview, and contact them to be on your show. With the power of a radio show, you’ll get more people to agree than you might expect. Prepare solid questions and turn your guests into your fans. Suddenly people you admire will become evangelists for your podcast.

Social networking is the shop window of your podcast Post links that listeners can share with the community. Use tools such as HootSuite.com to manage lots of different sites at once and schedule your posts for the week. To break into the mainstream, keep an eye out for the upcoming site Superowl, and Callisto.fm is a great analytics tool.

Keep listening to Dave at ThePodcastGuy.com, and stay tuned for his new book on understanding the value of podcasting and creating great content coming out next year!  Thanks again Dave!

6 thoughts on “Podcasting with Dave Thackeray of ThePodcastGuy.com!

  1. Anna, it was a pleasure and a blessing to talk to you yesterday – you folks at Spreaker are so quick on the draw!

    This podcasting thing is really only just finding its feet.

    For years it was pretty much exclusively in the domain of the geeks, nerds and comics – and I think 2012 will signal a real seachange for the better in how businesses use web radio to reach out to their customer communities.

    Spreaker makes web radio accessible. People want to bring their brands to life. It’s a perfect marriage.

    I’m really excited for what the new year brings and I’m also thrilled to see new shows popping up on the Spreaker network.

    Keep up the awedio!


    • Dave, thank you so much for speaking with us, it really was a pleasure and so much fun!

      Yes, we’re all looking forward to what the new year is going to bring, and I think it’s going to be good one.

      Keep making your awesome podcasts, Dave!


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