The Spreaker week in recap

We’ve packed so much great stuff into just one week, you guys just make our job too easy for us! Before this Friday whisks us into a warm Spring weekend, take a look at all the good stuff we’ve collected:


The Pulse features exciting sports talk with energetic commentary on games and matches, news on athletes, and more.

Jason McGovern of The McGov Podcast talks libertarian and fiscally conservative politics, plus sports, entertainment, relationships, and technology.

The REEL Radio Network Show offers movie critiques, interviews with indie directors and actors, film industry news and more.

Dr. Ande Marketing Radio helps you attract traffic to your website by using SEO to its fullest potential, plus offers tons of social media and marketing tips.

Listen in to Colin and Trent talk about those movies you hate to love, guilty pleasures, on Movie Reboos.

Get all the golf news from the week with Gary on The TalkingGolf WithGary Show!

Kurò and IlBulgaro answer all your android questions and more on’s podcast.


Prolific podcaster Bill Deys offers his take on podcasting from both a technical and personal standpoint.

Straight from the US, our own Donald (who you might already know from The Free COO) shows off his enthusiasm for Spreaker.

Check out our Q&As with podcaster Whitney Hoffman, Director of Operations of the Podcamp Foundation, and organizer of Podcamp Philly.

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