This week on Spreaker: The Public Speak, Let’s Talk Education, and HMradio!

We’re feeling fresh this Monday despite the gray skies above our part of the world. April showers bring May flowers, right? Anyway, your podcasts always do a great job of carrying us throughout the week. Check out what we’ve rounded up this time around:

tHe PuBliC SpEaK is out there to help people communicate and work on their public speaking. Become a more effective speaker by learning new techniques, hearing helpful pointers, and more. You’ll soon be commanding the attention of everyone in the room.

Let’s Talk Education is hosted by writer, author, and educator Ann Shannon, and covers topics ranging from the education system, self-improvement, and writing. ┬áCheck out her latest episode on whether college is really worth it to today’s youth, as illustrated by her interview with a soon-to-be college graduate.

HMradio features Carl featuring the best of today’s art, presenting modern masterpieces in music and written form. For a more cultural week, listen in to heartfelt readings, clips of classical music and more.

Stay dry, guys!

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