Podcasting Tip: Clearing Your Vocal Cords

The guys over at RadioSpeaker are always finding great tips on keeping your podcasting running smoothly, and once again, they’re looking at it from a technical point of view.

But it’s not fancy technology we’re talking about, it’s that important tool you already have that’s often neglected: your voice.

The clarity of your voice is just as important as the quality of your microphone, and there’s a surprising little trick on taking car of your fragile vocal cords: though it may sound strange, try sucking on salt one hour before broadcasting. The taste might not sound so appealing, but it’ll help “clear up” your vocal cords and you’ll be ringing like a bell across the airwaves.

Skeptical? Trust us on this one. Not only does radio personality Francesco De Vena partake in the salt sucking, but so did his opera singing father.

Try it out, and let us know how it goes!

7 thoughts on “Podcasting Tip: Clearing Your Vocal Cords

  1. I read also about gargles with alcoholic drinks. I’m quite skeptical about.
    it’s not true that, because a lot of people are believing in ghosts that they exist.
    Is it not better to exercise ourself with respiration and with the correct usage of our diaphragm? It has huge impact on the quality of the voice.


  2. it’s an old theatre trick, very effective for short term “cleansing” if you’re a bit mucusy, but definitely not good to use daily, dries out your throat pretty rough..i agree with Tormy, breath work and diaphragm exercise are the best way to go. for a quick fix on sickly days tho, gargle lemon juice, ive had waaaaay better results with that then saltsucking ;P


  3. I agree completely with Torm, salt before broadcasting? Could have as well bad impact with your larinx, for long period will drain the natural humid form… better a correct usage of your diaphragm, no “easy tricks” with your voice, they’ll not work; your’re not like a guitar player that can plug into a pedal to modulate his sound effect; for a speaker or a singer everything must come from your own personal knowledge of your “instrument” which is completely phisical, psicologically plenty of sensation and application in studying yourself. A singing teacher from Rome, ciao a tutti, hello everybody, Alessandro.


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