This week on Spreaker: Radio Networking,, and The Huddle!

It’s a new week, and a fresh start on all your work or school plans (and only for a few more weeks until summer vacation for some of us)! Yet, just in case you’re feeling stressed, we’ve got your cure for the Monday blues right here with a healthy does of awesome user podcasts: Radio Networking presents new and interesting start-up projects to the media world, and the experienced hosts of the show offer lots of advice and media insider secrets and connections. It’s only ten minutes a day, but it’s enough to get you in the know of the best and brightest of the start-up world.

This weekend France voted for its new president, Hollande, ushering in an important shift towards change, and not only for France, but all of Europe as well. Covering the election and other world news in collaboration with AnsaMed and RadioRadicale is with Diretta Mediterranean Election Day Live, with interesting analysis and exclusive information.

Straight from Down Under, Goldy and Pistols come on every Thursday night with¬†The Huddle,¬†talking about Adelaide Hills’ sports and teams. It’s informative sportscasting featuring analysis and play-by-plays, as well as exclusive interviews with athletes and more!

Now let’s kick off this week!

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