Spreaker on the Road: Buenos Aires

And so, here we are – we’ve arrived in magical South America! A land made up of many landscapes and cultures, harmoniously mixing together in a captivating way.

The first stop on our Latin voyage starts from in the city of the tango, Buenos Aires. It’s one of South America’s most important metropolises, famous for its bubbling culture and enchanting streets.

[spreaker episode_id=1745057 type=standard width=100% color=f5f5f5 autoplay=false]

Msvolt tells all about the latest news and gadgets in the Android world, and that’s not all! Tune in for tips, real-time tests and reviews of applications, and more. For all of you out there who are passionate about tech, you can’t miss it!

[spreaker episode_id=1766552 type=standard width=100% color=f5f5f5 autoplay=false]

Roberto opens up on metaphysics and parapsychology, difficult subjects to tackle and understand, but that Roberto explains with simplicity and in an entertaining way. Along with this show, he alternates with podcasts on culture, and has even focused some of his episodes on pure Buenos Aires tango.

[spreaker episode_id=1756569 type=standard width=100% color=f5f5f5 autoplay=false]

Frecuencia Condor is a true blue online radio that broadcasts news stories, as well as helpful tips and opportunities for the local community. He’s attracted numerous listeners that tune in faithfully, on the dot every day for his helpful references.

Citizens of Buenos Aires and Spanish speakers, don’t miss these podcasts!

See you at our next stop!

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