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Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android: What’s New!


We’ve got news for you! We just released an updated version of Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android, and it includes an exciting new feature. Introducing the Newsfeed section!

Never miss what your favorite podcasters and networks are up to again. In the newsfeed, you’ll get a continuous stream of updates, from new content created to what everyone’s been listening to.

Choose between two settings: All activity so that you won’t miss any of the actions podcasters or networks make, or New content to see only the latest episodes that have been published.

If you see something interesting, just tap on it to listen to it right away, or tap on the More option (the three dots) to select where you want that particular content to go.

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About Spreaker

Podcasting Has Never Sounded Better: Here’s to 2015!

Spreaker's Team

2015 has been an amazing year, with so much happening with us at Spreaker, as well as the podcasting community at large. It was a great year to become a podcaster, or learn how to be a better one, with new information and tips abound  –  many of which were featured on this very blog.

From the moment the podcasting seed was planted in your mind, we wanted to be there to help you out, step-by-step along the way.

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Make Your Ears Happy with Eclectic Channels


Enjoy an eclectic collection of today’s best podcasts with curated channels featured on the Spreaker Podcast Radio app for Android.

You’ll find 29 channels based on different topics pumping with outstanding shows chosen with care by both Spreaker’s team and our esteemed partners. Take your pick from different themes like news, public radio shows, storytelling, and much more.

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Spreaker Announces New Partnership with Triton Digital


Monetization in podcasting is an exciting prospect for platforms and networks alike. As a medium, podcasting is an ideal vehicle for bringing advertisers and engaged audiences together.

And so, we’re excited to announce Spreaker’s new partnership with Triton Digital, and our induction into their a2x® Ad Exchange program.

Triton Digital is a global digital audio technology and advertising company, providing the technical backbone for the digital audio marketplace. More specifically, we’ll be taking part in a2x®, Triton’s programmatic audio advertising exchange, starting on January 1st of 2016.

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Podcasting Tips Spreaker Resources

4 Steps to Starting Your Podcast with Spreaker

Introduction to Spreaker

Spreaker is your all-in-one podcasting platform, with specialized tools and features to help you set up and manage your own podcast.

But where to start? There’s a lot there to take advantage of, and we don’t want you to miss any of it. We’ve created this helpful guide giving you a full overview of exactly what Spreaker has to offer. Here’s a preview:

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Interview: Mike Russell of New Media Europe


New Media Europe is just a few weeks away, and as we get closer to the event, we’ll be bringing you news and information on what to expect, who to see, and what to listen to.

Last week, on the Spreaker Live Show our Head of Content Rob Greenlee interviewed Mike Russell, one of the two organizers of New Media Europe (the other organizer being his wife and partner Izabela Russell) and voice behind the voice over company Music Radio Creative.

Tune in to the show here, and dip down below the cut to read up on the highlights from the interview.


And on to the highlights:

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Podcasting Tips Spreaker Resources

Introducing Longer Episode Titles!



A good title for your podcast episode is important – it sets up your listener for what you and your guests will be discussing, and is one of the most informative elements of your episode and show pages.

Now, we at Spreaker are happy to tell you that we’ve introduced the ability to add longer episode titles!

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Spreaker is going to New Media Europe!



After our recent stops around the United States attending NMX and the Podcast Movement, it’s time to take it back to the Old World.

And what do we mean by that? In other words, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be at New Media Europe this year!

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Just 3 days until the Podcast Movement!




We’re almost there! The Podcast Movement is just days away, and we at Spreaker are getting ready for what’s become the podcasting industry’s most important conference. We’ll be converging with over 1,000 other podcasters at Fort Worth, Texas, acting as sponsors, speakers, and broadcasters.

In fact, CEO Francesco Baschieri and Head of Content Rob Greenlee are warming up for their upcoming sessions. If you’re going, you simply can’t miss them!

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Spreaker is going to the Podcast Movement!



Podcasting’s momentum has been continuously building up over the past 10 years, attracting creatives and audio content nerds alike, culminating in the success it is today. What better example of the heights it has reached than Podcast Movement, the now annual podcasting event, with this year’s second ever gathering taking place from July 31st to August 2nd. Past, present, and future podcasters will converge in Fort Worth for two packed days and nights – and Spreaker is proud to announce that we are both sponsoring the event as well as attending!

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