Update: Customize the New Embed Player

So we’ve tweaked the recently updated embed player and mixed together some old and new features.

Let’s take a look:

You can now choose between two different players, the mini version or the standard one. If you prefer the mini version, look here at what we’ve already shared with you, whereas the original, standard version allows you to:

- Chat with listeners through player, while you’re broadcasting live

-Choose which latest episode you want to listen to

-Share broadcast across social networks

-Download episodes

Happy sharing!

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8 Responses to Update: Customize the New Embed Player

  1. Rick Hale says:

    Can you email me detail explanation of how the chat with listeners while your broadcasting live works.

  2. Ileane says:

    Yay! I’m really excited to see these new player features with added controls for playback. Thanks so much!

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  4. Kim Sanders says:

    Where exactly is the chat feature on the player for the listeners to enteract?

  5. Karl Dallas says:

    I’m assuming I still can’t embed the player in WordPress.Com docs. Right?

  6. how can I have the program SAM brocasting? to can play beter my songs, thanks!

  7. Tonia says:

    Hi Francisco,

    please check out the tutorial here (bottom of the page)


  8. Moises says:

    ok i want to bradcast live 24/7….how i embed the live code to the player?

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