This week on Spreaker: Renew Health, Biz Talk with Dr. Ande, and A Minute for Change!

Hello 2012! We’ve got a good felling about this one. The start of a new year is a great chance to open your mind to new ideas, and refresh your way of thinking. For instance, take these podcasts:

Broadcasting from the unique chiropractic and physical medicine center of the same name, Renew Health introduces new treatment options and features discussions with doctors, chiropractors, and nutrition experts on improving your health. It’s advice from experts you can rely on.

Want to find success this year? Maybe starting up your own business is the answer. Biz Talk with Dr. Ande offers all the tips, tactics, and strategies you need to do it right. Listen in to expert interviews and commentary discussing the ins and outs, ups and downs.

On A Minute for Change, education blogger and author Bill Ferriter starts up discussions on what needs to happen for the school system to finally change. Listen in on his brainstorming for new ideas, approaches, and solutions for the education system.

Let the new year begin!

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