This week on Spreaker: Abbotsford Small Business, Community Learning Programmes, and Thesuccesscoach Show!

It seems so hard to get out of bed and find the motivation to work on a wintery Monday morning like this one. Maybe some positive podcasts aimed at helping out people all over the world might just give you the inspiration you need:

Before you call in for technical support anywhere, take a few minutes to listen to Abbotsford Small Business. A former second level technician and formerly part of the training and development department of one of the largest technically based call centers in North America, Rick is ready to help with a wealth of information.

On Community Learning Programmes, you’ll find a collection of educational shows organized by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), an intergovernmental organization helping developing nations improve access to quality education and training that are collaborative and participatory. Check it out for new podcasts.

Thesuccesscoach Show focuses on CBC, or Customised Behavioral Concepts, and helping today’s youth and their families find success through awareness, knowledge, and understanding. Succeed in everyday life challenges, gain a sense of purpose, find direction, and build your self esteem in order to transform at-risk behaviors.

Have a posi and productive Monday, everyone!

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