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He's the soul, mind, legs and fingers of Spreaker. Practically a Cyborg but with great ambition. He has time and voice for any request and need. He loves pinstriped suits which nobody likes.

5 steps to get you started as an Amazing Radio Host on Spreaker

TweetFirst of all, believe me: it is not that difficult. Getting to your audience doesn’t require any special gift; of course a great voice can do magic, so does an intriguing personality. But that’s just the cherry on the top … Continue reading


6 unmissable tips for Interviewing Guests on your Radio Show

TweetIn this interesting post, author Larry Amon makes a useful list of things you need to prepare in advance when planning an Interview on your Radio Show. Especially if you’re going live instead of podcasting. The key message is be … Continue reading


Spreaker API is coming to a geek near you. And why you shouldn’t be afraid.

TweetFinally, we are releasing our Application Programming Interface! For those few of you who are not hardcore developers and geeks, this thing (usually called the “API”, geeks love acronyms!) is one of the coolest thing around these days; for it … Continue reading


Why you should DJ Live on Social Media according to David Guetta

TweetOne interesting (and, yeah, cool) thing about our presence at MIDEM this Year was that we were able to hear some interesting stories from David Guetta who is pretty hot at the moment, with his collection of Grammy awards. Among … Continue reading