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10 Tips to make a great Radio News Broadcast

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What makes the difference between a mediocre news piece and a great experience? You might be surprised in discovering that there are some quick tips you can use to effectively make your content stand out from the crowd.

Without further delay, here’s the tips:

1. Make your story Clear. If you have doubts, pretend you’re telling the story to a fifth grader. Choose the most appropriate words and follow a logical sequence.

2. Be yourself, be unique. Use your own words, your own language. Listeners can feel if something sounds ‘forced’ or even worse. A personal touch will make your product unique.

3. Record your voice in interesting places (if you’re not live of course). A background noise can make all the difference. If this is not possible, make an interesting use of sound effects.

4. Be concise. Your audience’s time is valuable.

5. If you’re in a public place, ask for an opinion to passers-by.

6. Balance different voices. When interviewing people, try to reach a balance between male and female, old and young and so on.

7. Experiment, but only when you feel comfortable with the basics.

8. Use Music. Spreaker gives you a Creative Commons library to play with, so you are running no risks.

9. Make a clever use of sound effects. The right sound effect can turn a flat piece into a unique and engaging experience.

10. Prepare well for the closure. This is probably the most important part of your production. Try and leave your audience with something to think about.

But most important, try and have fun! It’s so Easy with Spreaker to start broadcasting. And if you’re good, you’ll build a great audience!
What are you waiting for?

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