10 Years of Podcasting


Anyone that has been around since the beginning will find it hard to believe that it has been ten years since podcasts first arrived on the scene with iTunes 4.9. Although Apple cannot be credited with inventing the concept of digital audio episodes, there is no denying the iPod era paved the way and made it much easier to obtain content in an organised catalogue for the first time.

Only two days after launching podcasts, Apple announced that one million enthusiastic subscribers hopped on board the audio bandwagon. Sure, this growth dramatically slowed down, prompting some to predict its future demise, but the podcast has continued to grow under the radar for many years.

Here in the new media age, the facts speak for themselves with one billion subscribers across 250,000 unique podcasts and 8 million episodes. Outside of the podcast community, most are unaware that these figures show a massive audience, but by contrast a small number of people creating content when comparing to other forms of content creation.

The impressive audience numbers combined with a “10 Years of Podcasts” on iTunes at the moment, seemed to have gone completely unnoticed by mainstream publications and websites. Rather than see this as a negative, it actually represents a fantastic opportunity to get on board before everyone else wakes up and smells the coffee.


The one billion podcast subscribers are thirsty for content and it is much easier to stand out from the crowd through recording your own show than trying to get noticed in the world of blogging or on You-Tube videos where there is much stronger competition.

Have you ever sat around thinking, I wish I jumped on the You-Tube bandwagon sooner, but it’s too late now? This is life giving you a second chance and call to action, so don’t be one of those people that look back thinking what if.

Here at Spreaker, our platform enables anyone with a voice to create and share audio content. Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to see many of our publishers going from strength to strength across a wide range of categories.

If you are looking for inspiration, look no further than Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld who offer up advice in areas they’re qualified to talk about. Also in areas they’re not qualified to speak about on their increasingly popular weekly podcast “If I Were You” where the hosts are attempting to give humorous advice to listeners who have submitted their problems.

if i were you

It feels like the large crowds are migrating away from overcrowded social networks and websites to form own tribes of sorts to make their own unique voice heard. Embracing new media helps people create niche areas and exchange ideas with experts or thought leaders in their field.

A great example of this would be “The Businessology Show” hosted by  Dan Mall & Jason Bloomer who fondly refer to their show as their labor of love. The popular duo passionately debate the business of design and the design of business which certainly offers food for thought for its listeners.

Successful Business Meeting --- Image by © Corbis

With a respectable 35 episodes over three seasons and 100,000 listens about topics ranging from pricing to positioning to business model  the show has become a firm favourite on many listeners subscribed playlists.

The recent news of Dan Mall leaving the show left listeners worried about the future of the show but luckily for us all, Jason confirmed it would be business as usual for the show.


Geek culture is now everywhere we look as comics, movies, TV, toys, role-playing games, video games and cosplay all dominate our newsfeeds on a daily basis. There seems to be a constant battle in keeping up to speed with everything and every week there seems to be a must watch show that we need to binge watch, but where is the time?

Step forward the Geekshow podcast, the panel-based podcast aims to be your one-stop fix for all things geek, with a few rude jokes thrown in for good measure. Once again, this is further evidence of how successful a show can be when the hosts build a strong rapport with their niche audience and use their unique voice to maximum effect.

For the more cerebral amongst you, “Travelers In The Night” is a unique source of insider information from the Asteroid Hunting and Space Communities. The show features an engaging and informative series of two-minute audio programs about asteroids, comets, spacecraft and other objects in space.


Travelers in the Night prides itself on its evergreen content that always feels current but never dated. This is possibly a big lesson for anyone looking at starting their podcast.

Social networks have turned everyone into their own personal PR manager where they manage the narrative of their life to leave an impression of how they would like to appear to family and friends as mindlessly in pursuit of increasing follower counts.

The beauty of podcasting is it’s a celebration of showcasing your unique voice and perspective of the world through your eyes. For this reason alone I encourage anyone reading this thinking of starting their own podcast to make the move now and wish a very warm Happy 10th Birthday a medium unleashes the real you in front of the whole world.


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