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How to schedule an episode on Spreaker Studio for Desktop


Now that we’ve talked about how to use the auto-ducking feature, today we’ll take a look at how to schedule an episode on Spreaker Studio for Desktop. This is the second post in our new “How-To” blog series to help you better understand how to use Spreaker’s platform. Post by post, we’ll focus on each of the apps and features that Spreaker offers to the community, breaking down the steps through handy visuals.

If you’re planning your podcast, you know how important it can be to record your next episode well in advance of publishing it to the world. With Spreaker Studio for Desktop you can take care of the entire process in one place: recording, saving, scheduling, and publishing all without having to worry!

Record with Spreaker Studio

First thing’s first, record your episode (we recommend you use a good microphone).

schedule 1


Personalize the episode

Give it a strong title and add an image, which you can do by dragging one to the app and dropping it in the provided square (where it helpfully says: DROP IMAGE HERE). Remember that the image should be bigger than 400×400 px in size and smaller than 5MB!

Schedule 2 - immagine episode


Schedule it!

Then, just click on the PUBLISH button and a window will appear where you can manage all the episode’s settings, including when and at what time to publish your episode. Tick on the Publish Later option, set the time and date, and then click on PUBLISH. Hint: to give your podcast more reach, consider to write a good description and to auto-sharing episodes to your social media accounts. If you click on the logos towards the top right of the window, you can easily activate auto-sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Tumblr, and You Tube!

Schedule 3 - immagine episode


Check it on your profile

You’ll then be able to find your scheduled episode with the other published episodes on your account. Find it in a pinch by clicking on the grey PUBLISHED EPISODES button. (If you want to edit it again or delete it, just click on either of the icons on the right of the episode.)

Schedule 5 - immagine episode


Now you’re ready to start recording another episode! Just go through the process all over again, starting from the first gif!

Did you find this post useful? Is there something you would like to see explained in this way in the future? Please let us know in the comments!

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