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3 Easy Steps for Submitting Your RSS Feed to iTunes

(Update as of July 2019 – We have now launched one-click/tap distribution for Apple Podcasts – please read this blog to discover how easy it is to submit your podcast.)

One of the reasons why podcasts are so hyped and popular these days is that once they’re online, you can share them everywhere and through any platform or device. This means that once you’ve published the newest episode of your podcast, thanks to your RSS feed, you’ll be able to get it automatically shared on every platform or network you’ve set it on, including iTunes, which is still one of the largest web services for listening to podcasts.

An RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication), which is set up like a URL, sends regularly updated or changing content from say a blog or a podcast, to other web services. A “podcast feed URL” is a document which contains all of your show’s information, and if you want to submit a podcast to iTunes, you’ll need to have it hosted on a website that is able to generate its RSS feed. The way it works is that every time an update is made to your podcast, the RSS feed gets automatically updated as well. Then, whoever is subscribed to your podcast’s RSS feed will be automatically notified that there’s new content. If you’ve submitted it to iTunes, or any other podcatchers that accepted RSS feed submissions, it will show up there, too.

What if you don’t have a website set up for generating RSS feeds? Well, no problem: you can set up your podcast on Spreaker, and it will automatically generate the RSS feed for you. In fact, we give you the ability to share both your Show and Profile RSS feeds. To do so, here are the three steps you need to follow:

1. Customize your podcast RSS feed

The first thing to do is decide whether you want to want to use your profile’s RSS feed or your show’s. Usually, it depends on how you set up your editorial flow. If your shows are all connected to your profile’s brand and identity, then it’s better to directly submit your profile’s feed. On the contrary, if you have lots of shows talking about different topics, it’s better to submit each show separately to iTunes.

Customize your profile’s RSS feed


You’ll want to go into the feed’s settings and make any changes that will affect how it will appear on iTunes. So, go to your profile page, click on “Settings,” and then click on “RSS Feed Customization”. Then, switch the toggle to “Manual” and start editing the title, subtitle, summary, image, and more. (RSS feed customization is only available for Pro users).

For example, you’ll be able to customize the following fields:




Customize the RSS feed of your Show


For your show’s RSS feed, go to your show’s page and click on the “RSS Feed Customization” button. Then, switch the toggle to “Manual” and start editing the title, subtitle, summary, image, and much more. (This option is available only for Pro users).


2. Get your RSS feed URL


To get to the actual feed, go to your show’s page and find the orange RSS feed icon at the top of your episode list (to the right of the EMBED button). Click on it in order to be taken to the RSS feed subscription page. Then, simply copy the URL of that RSS feed subscription page. Note: Alternatively, you could just right-click on the RSS feed icon and select Copy Link Address from the pop-up context list.

3. Submit the RSS feed URL to the iTunes Store via iTunes Connect:


First, log in to podcastsconnect.apple.com using your iTunes Store account credentials (it’s the same account you log in to when downloading new apps from the App Store). Once you’re logged in, you’ll be taken to the podcast submit page podcastsconnect.apple.com/#/new-feed/.

From there, paste the RSS feed link you had copied from Spreaker and then click Validate. If validation fails, go back to your Spreaker show page and edit any of the failed fields (for example, you can go to your show’s page and click on Edit to change the image, description, title, etc.) and then try validating it again. More info on that can be found hereOnce validation goes through, click the Submit button. (Note: if you still have questions on iTunes’ process, you can read their Help page on the Apple website, Podcasts Connect Help).

Now your podcast is in the submission queue, waiting for approval from iTunes! If you don’t see it soon after, no worries: keep in mind that iTunes’ staff have to review it!

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    The easy steps you are providing is good to see about the rss feed of iTunes. So I want to say this is really a well-penned article. Overall this is great thing to see about the rss feed. Many people don’t even know what exactly the rss feed is. So for then it’s really gonna helpful.

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