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3 Independent Podcasts About Sports + 2 Special Bonus Ones!

Whether you’re a passionate follower of football games or tennis competitions, the NBA leagues or baseball, we know what it feels like to talk, talk, and talk non-stop about your favorite matches, players, and play-by-plays.

Consuming different types of media has become commonplace for sports fans. Television, Internet, radio and podcasts fuel opinions and provide information to the masses. – via

We also know that podcasts are definitely our favorite way to supplement both what we read and what we watch, and is the greatest way to stay informed and updated. Moreover, when it comes to sports podcasts, the quality of content is better and more accurate than what you see on television; not to mention the fact that there’s more content available. Furthermore, the podcasts we picked aren’t the usual major radio shows that also have a podcast, they’re independent but also popular in some way and they’re set up by passionate, qualified speakers.

So, here are the best podcasts from Spreaker’s Community:

1. SBTV Nation Show

It’s where to go for the latest odds, free picks, fantasy leagues, and 24/7 passion for sports because sports never end! Stay updated every day (on the weekend too) with this never-dull podcast:


2. The Doug Stewart Show

One half of the world famous duo the “2 Live Stews,” Doug Stewart delivers the most unique and probably most high energy and fun sports talk! And it is also part of the Podcast network!


3. The Heat Beat Podcast

For those who are really into the NBA, here’s a weekly NBA podcast hosted by Giancarlo Navas & Brian Goins, bringing you the latest dose of Miami Heat news, insight, and commentary.

Aaaaaand, last but not least, two bonus shows:


Let’s Talk Tuesdays

Host BrendenPlayz answers questions sent in by his listeners, and he covers the sweaty, beefy world of professional wrestling from a fan’s perspective. Plus, he discusses all the latest in gaming, sports, TV, and more!


Funky Fitness

Ever catch your neighbor busy doing weird squats on the sidewalk at 6 A.M? «I read in a magazine that doing squats in the morning increases muscle mass,» she says. So, this podcast is for you: just join Steve Stearns and Jessica Bailey weekly for a look at the weird, wacky and Funky things people do to stay fit.

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