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3 Podcasts about Movies for the Weekend

What’s better than knowing there’s a great movie (or movies) to watch during the weekend? Here’s your plan: go to the closest grocery store and grab your favorite snacks and drinks. Bring along your smartphone, iPod, or whatever gear you use to please your ears, and listen to these three podcasts to get some trustworthy suggestions on what to watch this week.

1. The John Campea Podcast

John’s podcast is by far one of the more interesting podcasts about movies and TV shows out there, thanks to his background as a film director, film critic, journalist, screenwriter, and producer. Every week he discusses news and trends in the film world, as well as other topics that catch his interest, from TV shows to sports, to world events.

Our favorite episode: the one where he goes into depth about DC’s Batman vs Superman and the latest Marvel release, Civil War. Woah, hot topic anyone?

Listen to “The John Campea Podcast: Episode 20 – BvS Hurts Civil War, Next Avengers Movies Renamed” on Spreaker.

2. The AB Film Review

An Australian Film Podcast where married couple Andrew and Bernadette argue about the latest film releases and get closer to divorce every fortnight. Just start with our favorite episode!

Our fave episode: The two hosts define this episode as such: “There is no episode more indicative of the quality of this show than this episode right here.” So, what could be better? Plus, they review La La Land. Need we say more?

Listen to “72 – La La Land, Broke, Queen of Katwe, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” on Spreaker.

3. The Monday Movie Show

What’s better than starting the week listening to the latest movie news alongside the box office and DVD/Blu-Ray top 10? Stuart Miller and Andrew Hazell give weekly news, reviews, and recommendations of the movies being released in UK cinemas and on DVD. Find out what to watch and what to avoid!

Our favorite episode: the one in which they review theater releases Angry Birds, Cabin Fever, and Green Room, and The Danish Girl on the home releases side.

Listen to “The Movie Show – 16/05/16” on Spreaker.


Did you enjoy these podcasts? Share your opinion in the comments!

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