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3 Podcasts all about Cooking

As cooking shows have taken over culinary media, many of us get our culinary inspiration from celebrity chefs on TV, but that isn’t the only way to stay abreast of new techniques, food news, and insight from some of the globe’s best culinary minds. The world of podcasts is exploding, thanks in large part to popular shows like Serial and This American Life, but there are plenty of food-related podcast to expand your foodie horizons. – via

Yeah, food-related podcasts are definitely becoming “a thing”; from shows dedicated to specific recipes, the history of food, and live cooking while chatting with listeners, here are our three best podcasts all about cooking.

1. Food, Drink, and Travel

Nanci Jo Shaper is the host of a cool podcast about unique and lively conversations on the world of food, drink, and travel. On each episode, she talks with the top people in their field such as wine experts and winemakers, chefs and restauranteurs, and travel experts.

Favorite episode: bagels from almonds, chocolate coconut truffles with coconut nectar, nachos with walnut meat, and so much more… in a really special episode with guest Janabai Amsden, Co-Owner of Rawvolution Restaurant in Santa Monica, California. Rawvolution is “Raw” like you may have never tasted or seen before!


2. Just Cook It Radio

Chef Mario Porreca discovers and shares fun new creations with food and drink, interviews interesting special guests, and prepares some of your favorite dishes live on air!

Favorite episode: if you’re into breakfast foods, like us, enjoy listening to Mario’s voice while he makes Country-Style Scrambled Eggs. Mario and his guest JD end National Hot Breakfast Month on a high note by making Country-Style Scrambled Eggs.


3. Let’s Go Eat Podcast

The idea behind Bill Alred’s show is super interesting: lots of good things can happen over a meal. You have a little food, a little bit to drink, and the next thing you know you’ve solved all the world’s problems – and that’s what he wants to do with The Let’s Go Eat Show. He finds someone interesting to speak to in every episode from the entertainment world, the arts, or politics and sits down with them for some food, some drinks, and some conversation.

Favorite episode: on this episode you’ll learn more about the area in Southern Utah called Bears Ears, and the efforts of the Native American peoples to protect and preserve that land. The first guest is a former San Juan County Commissioner and a member of the Navajo Indian Tribe, Mark Maryboy. The second is a Navajo Medicine Man, Jonah Yellowman.



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