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3 Podcasts for Travelers

Springtime means holidays and scheduling travel plans, as we all know! But we also know that the best way to choose a destination is through the inspiring stories of our friends who have just traveled to an exciting new place.

This selection of the 3 best podcasts for travelers is definitely an interesting way to learn more about how and where to travel, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn and discover more about places you don’t know, through the eyes and the voices of those who have already been there!

1 – Amateur Traveler

Chris Christensen covers everything you need to know to answer this important question: “where should you go next and what should you see, do and eat there?” We recommend not missing any of his travel tips, things you would never learn from a guidebook, and hear funny travel stories and surprising facts. Each week you’ll find a new interview with a destination expert or a traveler who has been to an exciting location recently, and is sure to motivate you to go out and see something new. Plus, you’ll find stories from people who have been inspired by the Amateur Traveler himself on the series “Our Travels“.

Our favorite episode: the one in which Chris interviews Zara O’Neill about her recent trip to the United Arab Emirates, the small states on the Persian/Arabian Gulf.

2 – What The PhÓ Travel

Nick and Amy define their podcast just as a show where they talk about backpacking in their twenties. Along with the travel stories, they also play nerdy games like Capital’s Game, Gameshow Facts and give travel quizzes! “Because deep down, we’re geeks and we can’t fight it any longer,” they claim. They’re just those one night stand travel friends you meet in a random country and share stories with… but in a podcast.

Our favorite episode: the one in which the authors of the blog ‘Hotwheels Goes’ join the show to tell the story about how they all traveled Asia together, in particular Vietnam…in a wheelchair!

3 – Stories Faces Places

Laura and Al share their travel stories from around the globe: they inform, laugh easily, have fun, and provide interesting facts as they journey and learn to love themselves and others for who they (and we) all really are, pilgrims on a journey through life.

Our favorite episode: (for Game of Thrones fans) the one in which they discover Dubrovnik, Croatia and tell random facts about how the worldwide famous HBO TV show is filmed there.

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    Thank you Spreaker! We are happy you enjoy our Podcast!
    Stories Faces Places (Laura and Al)

    • Chiara May 24, 2016 at 3:15 pm

      Thank to you, keep on podcasting 😉

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