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3 Podcasts Made by Moms

She’s cared for and watched over you your whole life – so what can you give your mom in return for Mother’s Day that she’ll definitely appreciate? Yourself of course!

All joking aside, what’s better than taking the time to bond over some great podcasts with mom? Try these three out and enjoy the special day!

1. Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Delve into the more holistic nature of motherhood with the podcast Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond. Hosts Sally Cusack, Annalee Atia, and Lara Martin examine conventional wisdom as well as new approaches on pregnancy and maternity. It’s an informative and nurturing approach, through which experts and friends share heartfelt stories and helpful information.

Get mom to hear this one:

Guest Paul Crebar pays homage to Mother Earth, explaining how caring for children can extend to the planet as well. There’s no better time to invest in the future, or to treat people and the world we live in with love and respect.Do you have something more to add to this blog post? Just write it in the comments!

Listen to “Paul Crebar on Parenting for our Planet” on Spreaker.

2. The Mom Squad Show

Being a modern mom means letting go of what just isn’t working and rewriting the rules once in a while. Kyra Phillips, Christine Eads, and Chaz Kelly bring wit and edge to parenting on the Mom Squad Show, mixing in takes on pop culture and the news with personal stories of raising kids in today’s world.

Get mom to hear this one:

The ladies return from their hiatus, welcoming back listeners with nostalgia and some reminiscing over classic television shows. Things only get more animated as talk turns to proper education on marijuana and space-age pioneering.

Listen to “The Moms are back with exciting news and stories!!!” on Spreaker.

3. Kristin Cruz & MOMTOURAGE

Kristin Cruz gets together with her favorite momtourage and parenting experts to share stories and offer up useful (and sometimes super-needed) life hacks. In between those, get a taste of the local flair as they dish on their favorite places, products, and people in and around LA.

Get mom to hear this one:

The conversation gets zesty as Kristin chats with Chef LaLa about food, hormones, and picky eaters. Later on in the episode, Sharon Schlesinger shares information and statistics all women should know about metastatic breast cancer.

Listen to “The LaLa Land Diet, Moms Using Marijuana on PPD, Crazy Important Cancer Research” on Spreaker.

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