3 Podcasts for Valentine’s Day

We know it’s been a hard week: whether you’re single or taken you probably feel a bit overwhelmed by all the heart-shaped stuff everywhere. While the worst part about Valentine’s Day is trying to ignore it, we might have a solution for you: just focus on your love of podcasts and listen to these three in particular to survive this Valentine’s Day.

 1. Sunday brunch

We can all agree that one of the best ways to spend the holiday is by eating some fresh, good healthy food. Since Valentine’s Day this year is on a Sunday, brunch is definitely the way to go: French Toast, Spanish fried chicken… Nanci and her hosts Matt Lewis (co-owner of BAKED NYC) and Valerie Gordon (Valerie Gordon) really love food!

Listen to “Matt Lewis of Baked NYC & Valerie Gordon of Valerie Confections” on Spreaker.

2. There’s always a right reason

Angela Spera and Lauren Lane’s show candidly breaks down real-life dating disasters with a new “reason why you’re single”. One of our favorite reasons is that, most likely, we’re all stalkers. Just follow the show and listen to the Valentine’s Day episode on Sunday!

Listen to “You’re a Stalker” on Spreaker.

3. Gina knows you

Gina Grad’s podcast is a really cute, funny, heartwarming talk show. She shares her personal life and gossip-laden details with listeners, and it’s always amazing! On this Valentine’s Day episode from last year, she talks honestly about the sham that Valentine’s Day is, and you can hear what it means to have an Achy Breaky Heart in her voice. Yeah, she’s like your BFF!

Listen to “021214 The Gina Grad Show” on Spreaker.

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