6 Terrifying Podcasts for Halloween

Bolt your doors, lock your windows and get ready to settle in for some of the scariest, eeriest and most terrifying podcasts around. There’s no better way to get into the Halloween spirit (pardon the pun) than to listen to a horror story, so we’ve picked a range of podcasts, from audio dramas to real-life accounts of paranormal activity, to send some shivers down your spine.

1. Fireside Mystery Theatre

Created in the style of an old-fashioned radio drama, Fireside Mystery Theatre has assembled a cast of outstanding actors to create seriously bone-chilling audio. Recorded before a live studio audience, once a month in New York, the mysterious atmosphere is given an ominous edge by the live score accompaniment. 

👻 Episode pick: Just a Quiet Girl

Our episode pick is a twisted interpretation of The Little Mermaid: Just a Quiet Girl. It starts with a terrible boat accident and continues by following the story of a surviving jazz pianist and turns into one helluva spooky story set at sea. Listen to discover who or what the mysterious presence that suddenly appears in his life is…

2. The Lift 

Listeners’ nerves are immediately put on edge with Victorias Lift’s eerie opening piano music and the creepy child’s laugh of lead character, Victoria. The podcast itself is difficult to describe but it’s a sort of Twilight zone set audio drama, where it’s guaranteed you won’t want to take a ride in the elevator. 

👻 Episode pick: What are Jelly Babies?

Now in its fourth season, listen to the podcast’s first-ever Halloween special to get a taste of what the series is about. What are Jelly Babies? Focuses on a destructive creature that invades ‘The Building’, taking down everything in its path, but will someone be able to help poor Victoria? 

3. Old Time Radio Mystery, Suspense & Horror

Love watching old horror films? Why not try a suspense-filled vintage radio drama from, Old Time Radio Mystery, Suspense & Horror? The podcast format is this: a short introduction to a classic play from the golden era of radio, it’s then played in full, followed by a brief critique from host Dakoda Black.

👻 Episode pick: Hanson’s Ghost

Originally aired during WW2 (the replay even includes the original ads), Hanson’s Ghost is a play from the hugely popular series: The Hermit’s Cave. The episode is a good old-fashioned ghost story, where things are not at all what they seem when the play’s protagonist goes to visit her uncle Hanson after the death of her father.

4. The Nowhere Dispatch 

Focussed on the East Texas region, host Lucas Strough, strongly believes that his home state has something out-of-the-ordinary about it. Each episode of The Nowhere Dispatch looks at creepy and mysterious stories originating from the Texas region.

👻 Episode pick: Strange Medicine – Folk Magic in East Texas and the South

Folk magic and medicine is still very much alive and real today in Texas. Discover the strange history of the tradition in the South, some legends about these mysterious practices and how it is still being used, in the episode, Strange Medicine

5. Weird Darkness

Voice artist Darren Marlar recounts stories of the paranormal, supernatural and unexplained in his unique way in his podcast Weird Darkness. Episodes are posted seven days a week and range in length from 30-90 minutes, leaving you with the problem of too much choice with the terrifying tales!

👻 Episode pick: Phantoms Behind the Wheel

We’ve chosen Phantoms Behind The Wheel as our episode pick – asking questions like: Can cars become spectral anomalies? Is it possible the human soul has a weight? What really happened at Roswell? So, make sure you’re comfy for just over 1 hour of journeying into the unknown.

6. The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast

Jason, Dave, Joe, and Oscar of The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast put their lives at risk on a bi-weekly basis for your listening terror. This is the only podcast where the hosts visit haunted, hexed and alien locations to get to the truth of the matter.

👻 Episode pick: Lake Vostok Monster and Dyatlov Pass Incident 

In this episode, the group travel to Lake Vostok to examine the terrifying Antarctic cryptid known as “Organism 46-B” followed by a visit to the Ural Mountains to discuss the frightening Dyatlov Pass incident.

Still want more?

However, if these podcasts aren’t enough to satisfy your thirst for horror, take a look at our curated list to get even more spine-tingling podcast suggestions.

And, remember listeners, these podcasts aren’t just for Halloween, scary content is produced all-year-round for your listening terror.

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