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7 must listen podcasts for Pride Month

June is Pride Month, a month-long celebration of all things LGBTQ and human and civil rights, with this year’s celebrations are even more significant – marking 50 years since the Stonewall Riots. So, how can we celebrate the occasion? By highlighting the top 7 most interesting and exciting LGBTQ podcasts and podcasters, those who are committed to standing for LGBTQ rights and highlighting issues which still affect society today.

From the light-hearted to the downright X-Rated, these are the LGBT podcasts you should be listening to, gems which you might have missed but totally deserve your attention. If you’ve previously binged on famous LGBT podcasts such as Nancy or The Read THIS is the perfect list for you, all that’s up to you is to take your pick and get listening.

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1. Astrology Roast

The Zodiac and all things horoscope are having a moment right now and Astrology Roast is your weekly fix of what’s happening with the 12 signs. But why does this particular podcast held a special place in our heart? Because you can hear the love between friends Keren and Etai – and it’s infectious. What’s more, they don’t just chat star signs, there’s also pop culture, LGBTQ topics and a lot more. Check out their awesome Instagram account to get a feel for what they’re about.

Picked episode: The Big Roast

Get deep under the skin of the 12 signs and the four elements in the episode described as ‘the roastest roast’. This is the perfect episode to begin your listening journey with the pair, tune in as they pull apart each and every star sign and their most annoying characteristics

2. Cheers & Queers

Want a podcast for a Friday or Saturday night? You’ve found it! This hilarious queer podcast invites you to plug in, pour a drink and join in for the booziest podcast in town. Isake Smith and Kirya Traber discuss quite literally everything, from capitalism to gender and non-monogamy.

Picked Episode: Black Femme Magic IRL

Our episode pick has a distinctly witchy vibe about it. Rituals, magic and a tarot reading between Kirya and Isake, are the focus of this episode, along with some all-important gin cocktail recipes! The duo is also joined by special guest, model and artist Lorelei Black, for chats.

3. Don’t Forget the Lube

Not for the faint hearted, Don’t Forget The Lube is X-Rated chats from KevKat Martinez and Jojo Biscuits about queers and, well, rears! The duo hopes to make some of the most taboo sex subjects light-hearted yet informative for audiences.

Picked Episode: Big Shrimpin

Each episode the pair take on some of the internet’s, and also their listeners, most burning and controversial questions. In the episode Big Shrimpin, listener ‘Peaches in the Sun’ wants some help about a rather (ahem) alarming moment she recently had while experimenting with her boyfriend…

4. On the Latch

The format of On The Latch is 7 gay men chatting about everything, with no topic being off limits. Episodes drop every Tuesday of this gay talk show style podcast, tune in and you’ll feel like you’re hanging out in a pub in London with your most fun group of friends.

Picked Episode: The 20gayteen Review

2018 gets rebranded as ‘20gayteen’ in this episode. Relive some of last year’s most memorable moments in this hour-long episode which is just, well, SO fun and even includes a ranking of the Queer Eye boys.

5. RuPaul’s Drag Race RHAP-Up

If you don’t know RuPaul’s Drag Race then, quite frankly, where have you been?! One of the first queer TV shows to break into pop culture, it’s now been running for ten years and is shown all over the world. The RHAP-Up, gives you all the extra info you want to know about each episode.

Picked Episode: Cast Preview Ru-Cap

Season 11 is nearly over but relive the series starting from the beginning by listening to this episode. Get a full overview of all this season’s contestants and a preview of what was about to happen before enjoying watching the grand finale next week!

6. Hard to Swallow

Emery Lavell J is your host of this black LGBTQ podcast where he discusses all the topics which he brands ‘hard to swallow’. There are hot topics, relationship advice, sex and a whole bunch more – all told with a warmth that makes you love him and leaves you wanting to listen to more.

Picked Episode: Blisters

The episode Blisters gets its name from the troubled relationship between black sisters (cis-gender heterosexual women) and black gay cis men- a supportive but difficult relationship. Plus, Emery looks at lots more pressing current issues for the LGBTQ community.

7. Living a Sex Positive Life

Sexual freedom and liberty through education and knowledge are what Living a Sex Positive Life is all about. Sex is always the center of this podcast but the topics range from the positives and negatives of all that sex encompasses.

Picked Episode: Consent Academy

An extremely difficult topic and one which is currently being much discussed in the media: sexual consent. Hosts Angelique and Ignixia discuss their thoughts on the subject following attending a related workshop.

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There you have it, 7 podcasts which in equal measure celebrate LGBTQ culture, investigate the important issues and are provocative.

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