Access Your Stats on iOS from the Spreaker Studio App

Yesterday we released a new update for Spreaker Podcast Radio for iOS that caused issues for a few users due to the fact that from now on, stats will only be displayed on Spreaker Studio.

What does this mean?

Actually, nothing has changed apart from the new path you’ll need to take in order to get to your data. You’ll still get complete access to all of your stats, of course, but now you’ll just have to open Spreaker Studio on your iOS device to get to it, instead of Spreaker Podcast Radio.

Why did we release this change?

In a couple of months (we can’t reveal the date just yet) we’ll launch the same application that we now have on Android on iOS, and are currently making the slow transition in getting both experiences consistent with each other. On the Spreaker Podcast Radio app, you’ll soon enjoy a complete listening experience, while on the Studio app, you’ll have everything you need on the production side, stats included.

Here’s how the new update works: just slide your finger across the screen from left to right to access the menu and then tap on Statistics.


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