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Anissa Mayhew of FreeAnissa on Content and Blogging

Anissa Mayhew is the author of the successful FreeAnissa, where she shares her life stories and experiences to connect with her followers. She was sweet enough to answer some questions about her work and how she opens up through her content.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

I’m Anissa Mayhew, the mom to 3 fab kids, a believer in the power of cookies and an Olympic Gold Medalist in 20 meter relay tiddlywinks. We live on the south end of Atlanta, Georgia.

Cool! So, how did you get into blogging?

I started my first blog in 2006 when my youngest daughter Peyton was diagnosed with Leukemia. I blogged our lives through treatment. After she was out of chemotherapy I decided to retire the site and start anew blog. This is when I started the Free Anissa blog. I had only been writing it for a few months when I had the strokes that transformed our lives. I went through months in the hospital, months of therapy, I’m still going through doctor after doctor. It’s an ongoing process of healing and recuperating. I’m now in a wheelchair full-time and paralyzed on my right size. I’m still working to be more than I was ever given the chance to be.

How would you advise podcasters on getting comfortable sharing their stories with the web?

I think it’s the same as being comfortable sharing any part of yourself. Get past the physical hangups of how you sound, being able to articulate your thoughts, being the kind of person who knows how to handle awkward silences.

There is definitely an intimacy to the written word. The way thoughts flow from you and are taken into another depend less on factors podcastors can use. Body language , facial expression and voice go a much longer way than words can.

Do you rely much on social media? How?

I rely heavily on social media. The standard channels (Twitter, Facebook, G+) to amplify communication, to talk to an audience and build the friendships. Then there are more business channels (Klout, LinkedIn) that are strictly for using to show brands and PR firms the statistics and case studies they want to see.

Thanks for the interview Anissa! Don’t forget to follow her out on Twitter @AnissaMayhew.

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