Arab Wave Washes over Spreaker


Here at Spreaker we’ve had a recent major influx of users, and we’re thrilled about it!

Let’s give a warm welcome to the new Arab users giving us some heavy play.

We’d like to thank you personally, and we’re excited to hear all your upcoming creations, thoughts, and opinions. So far we’ve discovered some great content made by you, and we want to share it with the whole community.

Here are some sweet treats for your ears:

DJ Moa Teck keeps the beats thumping with electronic pulses mixed with traditional Arabian touches.

Amr puts you in a State of Trance that will get your booties moving on the dance floor.

And this is just the beginning, we can’t wait hear what else you guys have to offer! Tell us about your other shows – send them over to us at!

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  • I was just thumbing through my Facebook message and I found this message on my Facebook. I really enjoy your show that is some unique sound by DJ Moa Tec, keep pumping the beats and electrifying the music in hearts of the crowds

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