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Introducing BLOOM Development Program’s First Podcast

We are so thrilled to introduce BLOOM, our brand new podcast content development program. The first independent podcast partner selected to launch the program with is Flatrock: A Cold Case Podcast

It’s no secret that the talent pool in the podcast industry in growing rapidly, which is why BLOOM was developed. We want to assist creative, independent podcasters who could really use the support of a larger team like Spreaker. The podcasts we select to partner with in the program receive support on content curation, technology, and the promotion that smaller podcasters need to flourish.

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Podcasting Tips

12 podcasts to extend the life of your favorite TV shows

Gone are the days of waiting an entire week just to see the next episode of your favorite TV show. Thanks to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime — and all the other on-demand television options — there’s no shortage of quality TV series that can be watched in a single day. But, there’s certainly a downside to binge watching an amazing series like The Handmaid’s Tale… after just one day of being cozied up on the couch, it’s all over (cue the tears).

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About Spreaker

Spreaker Enterprise Users Can Now Exclude Ad Categories

When we launched Spreaker Enterprise in January, we had one goal in-mind: Create the ultimate podcast solution for big editorial teams like media publishers and content networks so they can effortlessly manage their audio advertising operations and publishing workflow. 

Part of the solution’s appeal is the user-friendly dynamic ad insertion function that allows our podcasters and publishers to focus on where ads should appear (down to the precise millisecond), and then we take care of the rest

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Podcasting Tips

Spreaker Enterprise Launches First Set of Customizable Features

Earlier this year, we unveiled Spreaker Enterprise, the ultimate podcast solution for big editorial teams to effortlessly manage their publishing workflow and audio advertising operations. In the months since its launch, we’ve been busy onboarding and providing custom solutions to our larger media publishers, brands and B2B customers.

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