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Planning Spreaker’s Next Generation Infrastructure

As you may know, at Spreaker we are huge fans of extreme automation. Actually, it goes beyond that: automation is essential to our existence. It’s the only way we can handle our operations efficiently while continuing to deliver features and services to our users, even with a small engineering team. This was one of the big reasons we had to be early cloud adopters, moving our entire infrastructure to AWS early on.

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Welcome to Our Spreaker API

Spreaker is known for its easy to use yet powerful service for both podcasters and listeners. Every day, millions of people across the globe listen to podcasts hosted on the platform, either through the website, the mobile apps, or the widget.

As an engineer, it’s amazing to see how many different ways people use Spreaker. And yet, while the level of flexibility and customization we provide to podcasters satisfies most of these uses, we’ve recently seen a surge in demand for more advanced integrations.

We want to help our most demanding customers build their own custom integrations themselves, and so we’re excited to announce that Spreaker has launched a public API.

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