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9 takeaways for podcasters from the GEN Summit podcasting panel

I just got back from Barcelona where last week I attended GEN Summit 2015 and spoke in a panel about podcasting and storytelling.


The Global Editors Network (GEN) is a cross-platform community of editors-in-chief and media innovators committed to sustainable, high-quality journalism, empowering newsrooms through a variety of programs designed to inspire, connect, and share.

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Podcasting Tips

5 fears preventing you from podcasting

Today I would like to focus on that set of fears preventing businesspeople from exposing themselves through a podcast.

Despite podcasting being widely reputed as an excellent marketing solution to reach new clients and broaden one’s business horizon, it is not unusual to see professionals postponing their first step in the arena until the entire operation falls through. One excuse after the other.

Here are the 5 main reasons why you are afraid to step into podcasting

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Podcasting Tips

Corporate blog and podcast: How to combine them successfully

Corporate blog and podcast: How to combine them successfully
Customers buy from people, not from companies. Even for the biggest players on the market, the last step in the sales process happens between human beings. People selling to people.

This is why podcasting is extremely effective: it gives your company a voice – the most remarkable among human characteristics. Often, a company deploying a communications strategy is already making use of tools like blogs. This is exactly where we can boost and make the most out of the synergy between corporate blogs and podcasts.

Here are 3 practical ways to get the most out of your blog and podcasts:

1. Embed your podcast in a blog post

Don’t miss the chance to embed one of your podcasts, if what you’re writing about has something to do with it. You’ll be providing your readers with a richer post and a chance to get even more in-depth.

2. Turn your blog post into a podcast

By doing so, you’ll have an audio version of your post that you can again embed and then share across social media, mailing lists, and more. The plus in this is transforming written content into something people can listen to with ease, just like audiobooks.

3. Reciprocally promote the two channels

Clearly remind your readers (maybe with a “call to action” at the end of your blog entry) that they can go more in-depth with your podcasts, and provide them with a well-visible link. At the same time, in your podcast’s description, add a link to your blog (or specific article, in case this applies to point number 2). Furthermore, mentioning your blog’s web address at the beginning and the end of your recording is always a smart move. This is how you can provide your readers with a more rounded service, facilitating their access to useful resources (from your blog to your podcasts, and vice-versa).

Recording podcasts without promoting them through platforms such as your blog means throwing away a substantial portion of potential clients. Don’t let this happen, instead make your voice heard!

alessioAlessio Beltrami 
Founder at

I help companies and professionals find new clients without having to pay for advertising. I make this possible by defining a clear, well-targeted message and building a communications strategy with the corporate blog as the main pillar.

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New Features: New Statistics Page on your Dashboard!

Did you notice the new Statistics page in your Dashboard? Keep an eye on how your podcasts and episodes are doing at just a glance.

Click on the “Statistics” tab and get an overview of how many listeners you’ve attracted, and how many times they’ve tuned in. You’ll get specific stats on both your podcast and episodes, calculated every hour.

Not only will you see the number of total plays and listeners your podcast has accumulated, get an idea of the overall popularity of your podcast too.

Even your episodes get the same treatment, with specific stats on them as well.

Now you can also see which of your episodes has had the most success with your fans.

With easier access to your stats and more specific info available, you’ll have a better idea of how to approach building up and publicizing your podcast through content and social media. In fact, for tips on how to generate buzz, take a look here.

Look around, try it out, and broadcast away!

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New Features: Presenting a makeover for your dashboard and new plans to make you love us even more!

Feast your eyes on a new, fresh look for your dashboard!  Exciting, isn’t it?

Now you have an overview of your entire account right in front of you. Manage your podcasts and their episodes, and upload and delete tracks in your music library. Everything you need is just a click away.

Need to access your library right away? What about checking on your audio storage? Want to upgrade your account? How’s your podcast doing, do you need to check up on its stats? Just a glance at your page will let you know.

And your newsfeed didn’t go away! It’s still right there at the right-hand side of your dashboard, so you can keep track of all your favorite users and podcasts.

Attractive, efficient, and simple. Yeah, we like it.

Plus, we’ve released a new set of plans, better than ever and tailored to your needs. With them we’ve introduced a new audio storage feature, where each plan has its own collective amount of space that includes the music you upload as well as all recorded and uploaded podcasts. If you deem yourself a “broadcaster” for instance, you’ll have a maximum of 500 hours to use between podcasts and files. Check out the new parameters and limits to choose the plan that fits you best. Of course, you can also always opt for “free speech.”

So check it out, try it out, and let us know how much you love it!

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Spreaker’s staff pick of the week: Lunchtime Talks at Kettle’s Yard!

kettlesThis week Tonia’s pick!

Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, England is one of Britain’s finest galleries, housing 20th century, modern, and contemporary art. Original homeowners Jim and Helen Ede built up a collection of paintings, sculptures, and objects acquired during Ede’s time as curator of the Tate Gallery in the 1950s. Even then, Helen would host “open houses” in the afternoons, giving tours to visitors of the collection and the house itself. Kettle’s Yard is now a part of the University of Cambridge and functions as a proper gallery hosting numerous exhibitions and music events throughout the year.

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Podcasting Tips

3rd party tools and Spreaker Part 2: Windows programs

Hi everyone.

Just a quick update in this sad day. We updated the info on how to connect Spreaker and 3rd party software: it’s Windows turn so today we cover Edcast and Winamp.

Check it out here.

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Spreaker’s staff pick of the week: People, Places, Things Magazine!

peopleThis week Daniele’s pick!

People, Places, Things Magazine, a podcast brought to you by Critique Review, is a great example of a well-rounded talk show. The title says it all, topics are inspired by people, places, and things, and everything is game. The host is dedicated to spreading news on health, wellness and injury prevention issues, and much more. It’s all about providing truth and information to better understand the world we live in.

Episodes jump from skin care, to tips on better blogging, to what’s the latest news on American Idol. Guests are a regular occurrence, and the banter is lively and fun, no matter what the topic. Even when discussing GMOs (genetically modified organisms), the conversation is interesting and engaging.

Take a glance at Critique Review’s site, and follow People, Places, Things Magazine on Facebook and Twitter, too.

And of course, make sure to follow them on Spreaker!

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Using Spreaker with external Broadcasting Tools – Free for everyone till the end of the Year!

Hi Everyone! We all want Spreaker to become an easy way for everyone for sharing his thoughts with a couple of clicks. But at the same time we don’t want this to sacrifice the power of creating something very professional. In the last few months we have been receiving a lot of requests about the possibility of using Spreaker with external broadcasting software. So we’ve listened and created a solution: we call it Tube. Because that’s just what it is: a pipe enabling you to connect your desktop software with our servers. This will open up a range of new possibilities:

  • Live DJ using your favorite mixing program (and at the same time do voiceovers)
  • Use external radio broadcasting and scheduling software
  • Do high quality LIVE broadcasting from concerts, conferences, etc…

As we see it, Tube will become one of our premium features. However, during this initial test phase, we have decided to leave it open so anyone having an account on Spreaker can play with it! So why don’t you give it a try? We have created a Tutorial for using Spreaker with Nicecast on Mac OS. Nicecast allows you to capture audio from other sources and do real-time voiceovers: this basically allows you to stream from Any application on Mac, including VirtualDJ, Traktor, iTunes, Skype and many others. More tutorials for other software/platforms will follow soon (though I am sure that techies among you will be able to make this work flawlessly with their own system). You can find the full tutorial here.

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Spreaker’s Staff Pick of the Week: Laurie Ann Smith on Spreaker!

This week, Daniele’s pick!

smithLaurie Ann Smith is a child abuse prevention public speaker and advocate, and a survivor of child abuse herself.  She is quite the accomplished host, as she is also an author, internet radio host, and blogger. On her relatively new podcast, Laurie Ann Smith on Spreaker, not only does she actually talk a little bit about everything, she also, very importantly, gives a voice to abuse victims. With  her show, she takes listeners along on her life journey. She loves learning, and takes what she learns to improve upon herself as well as grow spiritually.

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