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Introducing the new Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android


We’re excited to introduce Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android, now available to be downloaded! It’s a unique, lean-back listening experience, tailored to your tastes.

Discover popular podcasts and find new favorites with the help of curated channels and lists, all created by special sponsors and partners, as well as Spreaker’s editorial team.

And now, content is personalized with new playlists, created according to what you like and want to listen to, even when you’re offline. It’s all at your fingertips, for your enjoyment.

Want to see how it works? Let’s walk you through the app’s four main sections.

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Spreaker Studio is now Available for Windows and Mac


Today we are happy to introduce our latest tech milestone that will give you the chance to record and stream live in an even more professional way, in a stabler environment.

The new Spreaker Studio app is now available for download on Windows and Mac. You’ll have all that you need to stream live or record a professional podcast, using a fine-tuned broadcasting studio from the comfort of your PC. Plus you’ll be able to take guest call-ins with ease without any additional configuration.

For those of you currently using Spreaker Studio for Android or iOS, things will look familiar. Let’s jump in and have a walk through all the features the app offers.

Update: Listen to this Spreaker Live Show’s 39 min episode for a complete audio explanation of all the features of Spreaker Studio for Desktop on Mac/Windows:

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Celebrate International #PodcastDay with us!



We’re only a few hours away from International #PodcastDay’s official kickoff, and we’re thrilled to be taking part in the long audio marathon starting today at 3 PM PDT.

Our own Rob Greenlee will take the stage, tomorrow, September 30th at 12 pm PDT, and you can tune in to the live stream here, as well as subscribe to the event!

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Get Powerful Calls to Action with Spreaker’s Buttons and Icons



You asked, and we listened! Now you can add branded Spreaker buttons to your site and give your listeners the right call to action.

Use our icons to let your audience know where they can listen to you, as well as give your podcasting page a professional tone.

Here’s an example of how it could look:

Choose the Spreaker badge or icon that fits best on your site; the badge will link back to the URL of your choice.

Did you put them on your site yet? Tweet us how it looks!


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Enhance Your Podcast with the Help of WordPress’ Sleek Themes


appendipity (1)
Keep your podcast page looking good and benefit from fully functional tools that will help you retain your listeners!

Starting today, through our Spreaker’s Store page you’ll be able to get a special offer on Appendipity‘s WordPress themes for your podcast.

With these specially set themes, you’ll find built-in features that will help grow your audience and keep loyal fans, whether it be lead generation, sales, or exposure to some of your oldest and greatest content.

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Spreaker Live Show Podcast

Spreaker Live Show featuring Rob Cesternino, Host of “Rob Has a Podcast”


In this episode, presented by Rob Greenlee, hear our Head of Content’s interview with Rob Cesternino during Podcast Movement 2015 event in Fort Worth, Texas.


– Building community around his podcasting efforts

– How producers can change a story with skillful editing

– Using new up and coming platforms like Periscope and Meerkat to connect with your podcast audience

– Whether branding and the right name matters when your podcast has great content

– How podcasting isn’t inherently easy, and the importance of cultivating a relationship with people

– Live podcasting’s role in connecting with listeners

– Cesternino’s career change in reaction to attending the first ever New Media Expo

– How monetizing took time for Rob’s podcast, and how he made sure to get to know his audience first

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Spreaker Live Show Podcast

SpreakerLive Show featuring Todd Pringle


This episode’s very special guest is Todd Pringle, VP/GM of Stitcher/Deezer, talking with Rob Greenlee about the advancements made on devices designed for in­-car listening. Let’s take a deeper look into what they discussed:

Remember when you had to sync podcasts? It’s a sure sign of who has been around the scene since the early days.

How Deezer is bitrate and quality focused

Is voice activation the future?

France’s strong music culture and passionate podcasters

How the automobile industry was a big draw for Deezer, leading them to buy Stitcher

How the Podcast Movement brings together different groups of people in a way that wasn’t happening in the industry before

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RAIN Summit Atlanta 2015



RAIN Summit Atlanta is just around the corner, and we are happy to see our own Rob Greenlee as one of the speakers taking the stage there on September 29th.

What is the RAIN Summit?

RAIN Summit is a premiere educational and networking event for the internet radio and online audio industry, taking place as a partner event to the NAB and RAB Radio Show.

A full day of panels and discussions will be focusing attention on the status of podcasting today: who are the consumers, what makes innovative content, what’s trending and what’s not, and the involvement of advertisers in this hot online audio medium.

Among the speakers there will be: Kit Gray of  Podcast One,  Dave Smith of Pandora, Brendan Monaghan of Panoply, Michael O’Neil of Triton Digital, Dave Smith of Pandora, and much more.

You can check out the complete agenda here and the full list of the panelists and speakers here.

Registration is open, so grab your ticket at this link and take part in the podcasting conversation.



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Get the most out of the pre-roll on your podcast



As we’ve stated on a few different occasions, setting up your podcast is a challenging job. You have to think about content, your target audience, and the look and feel of your design.

After that first glimpse of your logo, it’s the 2-3 seconds they hear of your podcast that will keep your listeners’ attention. In that short span of time, all of your content is on the line, and that initial impression needs to be what convinces them to keep listening in to your podcast or switch to something different.

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How to Build a Mobile App Dedicated to Your Podcast



When you’re starting up your podcast you have to think about a lot of things: the right tools to use, where to store content, how to spread the word, and last but not least, how to build your audience. We know that this is one of the most challenging tasks to deal with, and setting up your mic to speak to no one probably isn’t what you have in mind.

Building your fanbase doesn’t only mean targeting your content, it also has a lot to do with providing easy access to your podcasts. The more accessible your podcasts are, the easier you gain and keep listeners stuck on your content.

Creating your own application at a great price can be the best option to promote your content, render it more easily discoverable, and offer open access to your podcasts.

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