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Q&A with Bill Deys of CastRoller

Prolific podcaster Bill Deys is involved in numerous projects from DeysCast to CastRoller, and his experience makes him a trusted source on the matter. Check out his interview with us on podcasting, from a technical standpoint as well as an artistic one.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

I’m Bill Deys. I produce and cohost the CastRoller podcast and The Geek Runner podcasts as well as produce my own audio blog the DeysCast and very rarely the Country Music Cast.

It’s great to have you! How did you get into podcasting?

I read the Wired Interview with Adam Curry early in 2005 and started to listen to a lot of podcasts and it didn’t take long before I thought to myself, I can do this. I think it’s pretty much the same story for a lot of people that started around that time.

From a technical standpoint, should podcasters invest in extra equipment (mixers, microphones, etc.)?

You don’t need a lot of gear, or spend much money on that gear. Most of us are walking around with a decent smart phone that does a pretty good job capturing audio if you mess with it long enough to know how to make it perform. A thousand dollar mic will only sound so good after we crush audio to an MP3, stick that into a flash streamer and listen on crappy earbuds or desktop speakers. In most cases a few hundred dollars in gear can get you up and running if you take the time to learn a few things on how to use it.

Great for our users to know. What are your tips on creating solid content?

I don’t like USB devices personally, at home I use a hundred and fifty dollar mixer and a hundred dollar mic plugged into the line in on a Mac. Stick the tower in a closet to help hide the fan noise, put the mic on a surface you wont be touching while your’e recording, turn the gain almost all the way down and get really close to the pop filter and no one will be able to tell you’re not in an audio studio! After that, talk about something you love in an honest way. Don’t try to fool anyone, people are too smart for that!

What’s your favorite example of social media being used to getting content out there?

Its hard to pick just one. I like how a lot of people are using the tools for complete engagement. What 5by5 is doing with their live streams and chat rooms is great and I really like what Tech News Today is doing with sub reddit.

You were recently at Podcamp in Toronto. Did you see anything new or interesting to comment on?

I really like how the “amateur podcasters” have figured out how to all show up at a big conference full of marketers and carve out space to teach everyone that there is more to podcasting then monetization.

That’s encouraging, shows they’re passionate. Anything else you’d like to add?

The rebirth of podcasting, even though a lot of folks don’t even know that underlying technology, is very encouraging to me. I hope that the smaller producers don’t get forgotten. In my experience many of them are producing just as compelling content and they can have the reach of the bigger players out there. They just need a little support.

Totally agree. Thanks so much for the great interview Bill!

You can follow Bill on Twitter @billdeys.

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