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Submit your Podcast to Radiotopia!

Do you think your show exemplifies creativity, great storytelling, and polished production? Is your dream to be touted with the likes of Love+Radio, 99% Invisible, and The Heart?

It’s time to make that dream come true! Radiotopia is looking to diversify its network with fresh talent through an exciting competition.

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#ILovePodcasting: take a selfie and win a Custom App!

Podcasting Competition - Take a selfie

We just love broadcasting, don’t we? And we also like taking selfies of ourselves, while eating, running, chilling out with friends…but what about when we’re on the air?

We’re pretty sure that you’re already capturing those moments during your live or recorded sessions, so why don’t you start sharing them?

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Android developers, we need your help!

Dear Android supporters, your moment has arrived – put your Android knowledge into play and show-off your Spreaker love! We know our Android app has a couple of glitches, and so now we come to you for help. Give us a hand in developing the features you want!

So, what do you need to do? Simple! Android aficionados, buffs, and whoever else has the craving to develop can access, and by using Spreaker’s API you can create the features that you want: a player, recorder, mixer, etc.

Once created, they’ll be made available to the Community, and the one with the most votes will be elected as our official app.

So, who’s up for trying out our API?

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Update: Share your moments with us and send us a pic with Spreaker!

A few days ago we gave an assignment to our community that would help us get to know each other, where anyone could share their moments with Spreaker (if you’re not sure what we’re talking about, take a look at this). Today we want to change up this assignment a bit, and make it a true blue contest with a grand prize for the winner.

In fact, starting today (and only today) every photo posted on our FanPage as our Pic of the day will be up for voting, and whichever photo gets the most likes will get 6 months of our Broadcaster Plan free!

So how exactly can you get involved? Easy! Snap a picture of yourself using Spreaker on your PC, mobile, or whichever device of your choice, and send it to with the subject line “Pic Contest.” We’ll post one a day, and you’ll have until November 10th to vote on them.

Remember -be original and creative, and the most interesting picture will certainly be the ones most voted on. Don’t be shy, guys!

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