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Submit your Podcast to Radiotopia!

Do you think your show exemplifies creativity, great storytelling, and polished production? Is your dream to be touted with the likes of Love+Radio, 99% Invisible, and The Heart?

It’s time to make that dream come true! Radiotopia is looking to diversify its network with fresh talent through an exciting competition.

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#ILovePodcasting: take a selfie and win a Custom App!

Podcasting Competition - Take a selfie

We just love broadcasting, don’t we? And we also like taking selfies of ourselves, while eating, running, chilling out with friends…but what about when we’re on the air?

We’re pretty sure that you’re already capturing those moments during your live or recorded sessions, so why don’t you start sharing them?

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Spreaker Dj for iPad is out! Join Our Contest and Win iGear!

Today we’re so exited to announce our brand new app for iPad which transforms your device into a full-featured radio station, allowing you to mix your voice with your iTunes music library and sound effects. You can  easily share your creations on Facebook and Twitter, and be heard by millions.

Talk to your audience by using the integrated real-time chat room for maximum interaction, and you’ll feel like you’re in a real Broadcasting Studio on the go.

To celebrate the new version of the iPad app, we thought we’d give you a little extra gift along with it – in spirit of the holiday season, of course.

You guys have shown us so much support and love, and so to thank you we’ve made up a fun contest for you. When you share our iPad app, you include yourself in the runnings to win iRig gear! For six days you could win the following gadgets:

Want to try your luck? Here’s how:

1. Click on “Share on Facebook” or “Share on Twitter

2. Check our Facebook Fanpage to see if you were chosen as the winner of one of our cool gadgets.

Good luck!

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Android developers, we need your help!

Dear Android supporters, your moment has arrived – put your Android knowledge into play and show-off your Spreaker love! We know our Android app has a couple of glitches, and so now we come to you for help. Give us a hand in developing the features you want!

So, what do you need to do? Simple! Android aficionados, buffs, and whoever else has the craving to develop can access, and by using Spreaker’s API you can create the features that you want: a player, recorder, mixer, etc.

Once created, they’ll be made available to the Community, and the one with the most votes will be elected as our official app.

So, who’s up for trying out our API?

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Update: Share your moments with us and send us a pic with Spreaker!

A few days ago we gave an assignment to our community that would help us get to know each other, where anyone could share their moments with Spreaker (if you’re not sure what we’re talking about, take a look at this). Today we want to change up this assignment a bit, and make it a true blue contest with a grand prize for the winner.

In fact, starting today (and only today) every photo posted on our FanPage as our Pic of the day will be up for voting, and whichever photo gets the most likes will get 6 months of our Broadcaster Plan free!

So how exactly can you get involved? Easy! Snap a picture of yourself using Spreaker on your PC, mobile, or whichever device of your choice, and send it to with the subject line “Pic Contest.” We’ll post one a day, and you’ll have until November 10th to vote on them.

Remember -be original and creative, and the most interesting picture will certainly be the ones most voted on. Don’t be shy, guys!

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Share your moments with us & send us a pic with Spreaker

Here at Spreaker we often use our platform at the most unthinkable moments, at intimate or even bizarre times, and so we thought we’d share them with the community. We also turn the task to you to, hoping to get to know about your own moments with the site. Like: when do you usually broadcast? Where? While simultaneously doing something else? When do you prefer to listen to the community’s content?

So please, don’t be shy and send us one of your photos with Spreaker at, and we’ll be happy to post it on our Facebook page as the pic of the day!

—For Spanish Users—

Aquí en Spreaker, muy a menudo utilizamos nuestra plataforma en los momentos más impensables, a veces íntimos y otras muy extraños, así que hemos pensado en compartir estos momentos con todos vosotros para llegar a conocer algo más de vuestra relación con Spreaker. Por ejemplo: cuándo soleis transmitir? Dónde? Y en el mientras qué hacéis? Cuándo preferíis escuchar los podcasts de la comunidad?

No seais tímidos y enviadnos unas fotos de vosotros con Spreaker a esta dirección:  y nosotros estaremos encantados de publicarlas como la foto del día en nuestra página de Facebook.

—For Italian Users—

Qui da Spreaker spesso utilizziamo la nostra piattaforma nei momenti più impensabili, quelli più intimi o anche quelli più bizzarri, e per questo abbiamo pensato di condividere e conoscere i vostri momenti con Spreaker. Quando trasmettete? Dove? Mentre trasmettete fate altro? Se sì, cosa? Quando vi piace ascoltare i contenuti della community?

Insomma senza vergogna, mandateci una vostra foto con Spreaker a e noi saremo ben felici di postarla sul nostro wall di Facebook come foto del giorno!


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The European Podcast Award: Become the next Golden Voice!

You’ve probably already heard one of our commercials announcing the European Podcast Award during your podcasts. Yes guys, you’ve heard right! You can also take part in the EPA, the official competition for the European Podcast Awards, sponsored by Olympus.

Would you like to be one of the European winners? Have a friend who broadcasts audio content and thinks he or she could win? Think you’ve got what it takes and want to enter your own podcast? Great!

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Get Spreaker’s New Platinum Plan!

For all of you hoping to avoid those pesky commercials interrupting your show, have we got news for you! Spreaker’s Platinum plan eliminates commercial breaks, plus offers 5 hour live recording sessions and 60 hours of space in your media library.

Sounds swell doesn’t it? The first 100 users to fill out and send the contact form provided gets one month totally free!

Go to the Platinum Offer page on our Facebook profile and get to typing faithful users!

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A picture with Scotty. The winner is Carlito

Do you remember Spreaker’s first contest “Take a picture with Scotty and win a T-shirt?

Carlito and Scotty

Well, Carlito has won that contest!!

He was very happy when he knew about the award and so he commented: “Thanksssssss. I’m really moved by this award. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this success: the make-up artists, hairdressers, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, the seamstress, the costumes, the cleaning lady, my neighbor, my wife, my children and all the friends that I have been close. Thank you for loving me.

Carlito’s Bullshit su Spreaker

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