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Pin-SME welcomes the web 2.0 “made in Italy”.


Bruxelles, September 24th 2010. This is the next location for “The Great Potential” an event organized by Pin-SME in collaboration with Google and UEAPME (European Association of Craft Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) focused on the Internet as a business platform for European ICT entrepreneurship.

Pin-SME is an association formed in 2007 representing the interests of the European ICT Small and Medium Enterprises. Currently ten national associations are member, representing more than 50.000 ICT SME companies which now have a voice in the European political and business arenas.

Mr. Simon Hampton, Google’s director of European Policy, will give the welcome speech, focusing the attention on the role of the Internet for ICT SME. Then the event will see the presentation of three SME success stories, showing how the Internet has been a key factor in growing their businesses.

Spreaker, the first social web radio, is one of the presenting companies and will showcase its innovative broadcasting platform, which enables the collaborative creation of radio programs.

The event will end with a mini-workshop organized by Google, in which participants will engage in the creation of an on line advertising campaign.

CNA, the Italian member of Pin-SME, has played an important role in supporting and communicating the event within the Italian SME ecosystem.

The appointment is therefore on September 24 at 9:00 am, at Google offices in Brussels located at 180 Chaussée D’Etterbeek.

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Coming soon: the SF New Tech!


San Francisco, California – September 15, 2010- Spreaker is taking part at the San Francisco New Tech, a monthly event dedicated to aspiring startups and grupies who love them. A good stage to show off what you have been working on, in front of an expert audience interested in the topics presented.

One of the examiner affirms :“SF New Tech is a fun factory for serious entrepreneurs. Add a little booze and an industrial-design bar venue, and you have a gathering which transcends a business event, and becomes a monthly destination for the hip in high-tech”.

SF New tech was founded by Mysels Weissleder, who is proud to have changed a meetup into a Bay Area institution.

Each company has 5 minutes sharp to get the stage and do the demo. No power point is allowed and there is a big countdown clock that checks the time and ensures that the rules are respected.

The event is usually frequented by bloggers, photographers, and news media who make questions and involve companies into hot-discussions concerning the developments in the web.

The New Tech will start at 07.30 pm: it will be streamed live via and shared among the most famous social network.

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Spreaker will demo at the New Tech in San Francisco


Next Tuesday starting from 7.00 pm, Spreaker will demo in San Francisco at the New Tech, a monthly event frequented by journalists, hackers, techies and geeks.

The format for the Sf New Tech is very simple: at 7:30, 4-5 companies hit the stage for live 5 minutes demos showing the audience the brand new products in the field of innovation and new technology.

After each demo, the audience has the opportunity to comment, critique and ask for more information about the companies presented. The talk gets hot and stimulating.

Then each company takes the microphone for 60 seconds to “sell” themselves in the best way and get the attention for job opportunities, fundings, networking etc.

Over 160 companies have hit the stage since the event started in 2006, popular names such as: Pandora, Nokia, Twittfilter, Linkenow etc.

A great opportunity for Spreaker who is competing among the social american giants.

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Radio 6 celebrates 2 June


Tomorow Radio 6 will be on air from 10 to 12 in order to celebrate the 2 of June.

These are some events:

eventi di arte contemporanea in un percorso che svela l’armonia tra tradizione e innovazione
Settima edizione
15 MAGGIO- 18 LUGLIO 2010


Jebe, Magazzino
Galleria Civica di Modena
Palazzo Santa Margherita, Corso Canalgrande 103, 41121 Modena
dal 21 maggio al 18 luglio 2010


Traduzione, citazione, contaminazione. Rapporti tra i linguaggi dell’arte visiva
Roma, Palazzo Poli, via Poli 54
21 maggio- 18 luglio 2010
Inaugurazione 20 maggio 2010, ore 18.00


La natura secondo De Chirico
Fino al giorno 11 luglio DUEMILADIECI
Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Via Nazionale, 194
, Roma
center 06 39967500


Scuderie del Quirinale 
Via XXIV Maggio 16, Roma
Informazioni, prenotazioni, visite guidate e laboratorio d’arte
Tel. 06 39967500

Gallarate (VA)

Un omaggio a Modigliani fino al 19 giugno 2010
Museo Arte Gallarate
Via De Magri, 1
GallarateTel. 0331791266

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News from Masters of Magic


From 19th to 23rd May the best-known names in the world of magic will be at the 9th Saint-Vincent Casino magic congress, which is also the 1st Italian magic championship.
According to Tony Binarelli, the selection process for this 1st Italian magic championship has sparked enormous enthusiasm in the world of magic in Italy.
All the clubs and magicians have put great care and enthusiasm into trying out for this championship, which will see the election of the first winner at Saint-Vincent.

Follow MASTERS OF MAGIC on Spreaker

Masters of Magic Web Radio on Spreaker

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Social Radio Revolution


During the meeting MUSIC & WEB in ITALY taking place on Saturday the 15 of May, Spreaker is going to speak about radio and  the sea changes caused by  web.

The convention focuses on three main themes:

  • digital music history
  • case studies of music innovative platforms
  • music-mobile
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Enzo Mazza / FIMI (
Marco Vichi / Nokia Italia (
Marco Viganò (
Marina Pierri (
Giordano Sangiorgi (MEI /
Francesco Fiore (
Dario Amata (
Giuseppe Ravello (
Umbi Damiani (Irma
Mauro Ragnini (
Sem Ronzoni (
Davide d’Atri (
Massimo Ciociola (MusiXMatch)
Gian Maria Girardi ( thounds-com)
Alex Dandi (4forgotten floor/Pinktronix/Laveria DM Digital Team)
Bartolomeo Sailer (40033 rec.)
Andrea Benedetti (Plasmek rec. /ex –Final Frontier distribution)
Andrea Sartori (
Andrea Sbaragli ( )

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Music Italy Show


Bologna is again the main Italian stage for music and instruments’ fair. From 15 till 17 May, more than 140 performances live in this national music fair.

During fair events, Saturday the 15 of May there will be a special convention to focus on the relationship between Music & Web in Italy.   About this topic, Spreaker will take its own history to show and discuss the revolution taken by social web radio.

You can win  free entrance by listening and playing with some nice speakers!!

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Miss Drag Queen Piemonte sponsored by Spreaker


From the 14 of May till the 18 of June, at Shortbus Café in Turin, every Friday night it’s going on the competition for the best Drag Queen of the region.

The event is organized in partnership with Miss Drag Queen, ArciGay, Turin Pride Association, Drag Academy, Artifex e 85 cent.  Media partner, Spreaker
F or more info


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A picture with Scotty. The winner is Carlito


Do you remember Spreaker’s first contest “Take a picture with Scotty and win a T-shirt?

Carlito and Scotty

Well, Carlito has won that contest!!

He was very happy when he knew about the award and so he commented: “Thanksssssss. I’m really moved by this award. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this success: the make-up artists, hairdressers, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, the seamstress, the costumes, the cleaning lady, my neighbor, my wife, my children and all the friends that I have been close. Thank you for loving me.

Carlito’s Bullshit su Spreaker

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Radio Libriamoci Web and Spreaker support Emergency


During the Emergency demonstration in Rome, Saturday the 17 april 2010 from 3.15 pm  onwards,  Radio Libriamoci Web will be on air to comment on the events happened  in recent days.
People can express their point of view by writing an email to

Radio Libriamoci Web and Spreaker support Emergency.

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