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3 Social Media Strategies for FaithCasters



“If you build it, they will come.” The only person that ever worked out for was Kevin Costner. If you’re a podcaster and the only thing you’re doing to build your audience is publishing your podcast, then you may be living in your own “Field of Dreams.”

There are upwards of 180,000 podcasts currently circulating, clamoring for listeners in 2015. This means that the odds of your ideal listener finding you, without some “New and Noteworthy” push from i-Tunes can be quite slim. If you’re a faith-caster, the odds become even slimmer since the most popular podcasts tend to fall into the comedy, business, sports, or lifestyle categories.

In short, you have to work a little harder to drive your audience to your podcast. Since launching Branding for Believers, I’ve use three social media strategies that have really provided a boost in downloads and listenership.

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Spreaker Retreat in Barcelona

As most of you know, Spreaker‘s teammates work remotely, connecting from 5 different countries and three different time zones. This means lots of emails, Skype calls, Google Hangouts, Slack channels, and one retreat a year when we can finally get together to have face to face meetings and brain storming sessions.

And it’s finally that time again; we’re about to set off on our retreat in Barcelona, from December 9th until the 14th, to work cheek to cheek!

Here’s our schedule:

Working Space: We’ve chosen to work from the Talent Garden hub in Barcelona, one of the many Talent Garden offices around Europe, including the Lithuania hub where our UI/UX designer Brigita already works.

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Spreaker Announces New Partnership with Triton Digital

Monetization in podcasting is an exciting prospect for platforms and networks alike. As a medium, podcasting is an ideal vehicle for bringing advertisers and engaged audiences together.

And so, we’re excited to announce Spreaker’s new partnership with Triton Digital, and our induction into their a2x® Ad Exchange program.

Triton Digital is a global digital audio technology and advertising company, providing the technical backbone for the digital audio marketplace. More specifically, we’ll be taking part in a2x®, Triton’s programmatic audio advertising exchange, starting on January 1st of 2016.

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Spreaker Studio for Mac and Windows: What’s New!


About one month ago, when we released the first version of Spreaker Studio for Mac and Windows, we got a lot of downloads and received a ton of feedback that helped us develop the new release we’re introducing to you today.

Broadcasting with Spreaker Studio for Mac and Windows will never be the same!

Update: Listen to this Spreaker Live Shows 39 min episode for a complete audio explanation of all the features of Spreaker Studio for Desktop on Mac/Windows:

Let’s go into details and see what’s new in this release.

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