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Podcasting Tips

How to promote your show

In this post I summarize some easy activities you can do in order to promote your show.

  • Create your show’s  facebook fan page. This solution is helpful to create a friends micro community which follow your show and listen to your episodes.  You can also share your episode on Spreaker facebook page.
  • Activate atwitter account in order to keep in contact with your fans. You can also become a Spreaker follower.
  • Record a 30″ radio spot of your show.
  • Write down a brief show description.

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Create a Radio Spot for your Show

Tell us what your episodes are about!!

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Events Podcasting Tips

News from Masters of Magic

From 19th to 23rd May the best-known names in the world of magic will be at the 9th Saint-Vincent Casino magic congress, which is also the 1st Italian magic championship.
According to Tony Binarelli, the selection process for this 1st Italian magic championship has sparked enormous enthusiasm in the world of magic in Italy.
All the clubs and magicians have put great care and enthusiasm into trying out for this championship, which will see the election of the first winner at Saint-Vincent.

Follow MASTERS OF MAGIC on Spreaker

Masters of Magic Web Radio on Spreaker

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Podcasting Tips

Learning Italian by using Spreaker


In this post I’d like to tell you about the  story of Francesco Tarozzi, an Italian teacher in Chile. Francesco has realized a new way to teach Italian, proposing his students to create Italian radio shows by using Spreaker.

In fact Spreaker is a platform that combines young people’s interests such as music, radio and internet. The shows that guys created are music shows, sports columns, interviews…The most funny shows are Radio Geisha, RadiOnfire, RadioMondo, PocketHit, Radio Italica.

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Podcasting Tips

Create a Radio Spot for your Show

Do you think that your show needs more adv? Do you think that Spreaker’s users shouldn’t miss your episodes?
Create a radio spot of 30″ summarizing the most important info of your show:

  • NOME
  • TEMA

Once you have created an mp3 file, send it to elena.artico[at]  . After few hours you can listen to your spot on Spreaker!

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Podcasting Tips

A new show on Spreaker. RumoreRadio

The new show of RumoreRadio will be on air tomorrow, 19th May.
RumoreRadio is an innovative and dynamic show with special guests, news, good music and, above all, a lot of fun.

If you want ot take part in this project, just send an email to
RumoreRadio is in streming on or on spreaker.i

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Podcasting Tips

Tell us what your episodes are about!!

In this moment Spreaker hosts thousands of shows and it is more and more difficult to be known and followed by people.

So I invite you to take advantage of every occasions to promote your show. How? Just keeping in contact with Spreaker’s staff.

You can send an email to Spreaker’s staff describing your project and adding as many details as possible.


So your task as speaker is just to give us all the informations related to your project. Then we communicate to public what is going on. Good luck!

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Podcasting Tips

Second episode. Words are never too much

Write, write and write! As I told you in the first episode of this post, all spaces must be used for communicating your episode’s content both to your fans and of course to search engines. There are two places where you can write i

  • comments
  • episode’s description

The last one is underestimate but it is usefull to reach your target.

How can you write something in

In the “create section”, once you have uploaded your episode, you can write a short description, using keywords which at best stand for episode’s content.

Come inserire info sulla puntata

An example

Tangura, an italian speaker, uses that place to speak about music tracks and artists which are going on air. Writing “Damine Rice” and few more infos, Tangura reaches her aims.

Il testo descrittivo

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Podcasting Tips

Build your show Identity

Having a well-defined show identity is fundamental to grab your audience attention. Any available space on your show page can be used to communicate to your audience what kind of show you’re doing, when it will be broadcast and what you’ll be talking about. All this effort is made to grab the attention of the users who are dwelling on Spreaker and deciding what they would like to listen to.

This post will be pubblished as separate episodes. Read the second episode

Episode I: Branding

Think of how important is a product logo or brand and how it impacts on your individual choiches. Spreaker is a platform for having fun but your show should have a unique personality.  It must transmit a message which reaches your audience. Your profile image, for example, is very important. Think of it as a tool for talking about yourself and increase your audience


Here are some samples of clever usage of profile and show images

Radio Salzano have choosen two different images. The profile image looks very professional and reminds of an editorial office logo. On the contrary, the show picture is light and entertaining.


BrokenBrain made a different choice. While the show picture is abstract, Pietro – the Speaker – has choosen to show his picture.


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