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Hey Android Users, Help Us Out!

We’re getting ready to launch a totally new and improved Android app! It’s been a long time coming, we know, but you’ll be enjoying Spreaker on your Android device sooner than you think.

Before we do that, though, we need your help. Over the next two days, we’ll be counting on a few beta testers to check out the app before it’s officially released and give us some constructive feedback. Interested? Send us an  email at and we’ll get you started.

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New Feature: Spreaker Now Streams to TuneIn!

Reach new listeners with our latest auto-share feature!

We’ve linked up Spreaker with TuneIn, a service chock full of potential fans to tap into.

Here’s how you can get to sharing:

To create a TuneIn link, just go to Spreaker’s Help section, and under Share and Download click on Create a TuneIn Link.


Paste the URL provided into TuneIn, and that’s it – you’re all set! You’re streaming to new peeps all over the world.

Share your content today, and then give us your feedback – we want to know what you think!

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New Profile Page with a Better View!

Today we’re launching a fresh makeover of your profile page. It’s a new space where you’ll find all your personal information and account data, and better manage your Spreaker account.

It’s a merge of both the dashboard and user pages, creating a single space that’s easy on the eyes and better organized:


On the right, you have the usual profile settings, quick access to the music library and your stats. You also have a new Track Menu, featuring lots of handy tabs giving you quick access to  you to all your tracks, collections, followers, and who you’re following.

Invite your Facebook friends to listen to your tracks easily, too, by clicking on the icon located next to your profile pic, as well as share your content on all your social networks.

For a sum-up of all your contacts, interests, and localization, just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

See? It’s as clear as day! Take a look around and please, let us know what you think!


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New Feature: Now You Can Disable the Download Option!

In these past few days we introduced an important feature that you’ve long been waiting for.

It may have taken some time to release, but we’re happy to tell you that now you’re free to disable the download feature if you don’t want to give listeners access to your files.

Access the edit page of your show, and you’ll find the option towards the bottom of the page:

Tell your friends about the news, and start checking which tracks to enable or not!

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Mobile App News

We’ve Updated Our iOS App!

Spreaker has done it again, and given our app some fresh, new features. Here are just a few more ways we’re making things more enjoyable and easier for you:

Tap into everything the app features from the new menu, accessible from the left side of the page. Jump straight to broadcasting, the listen page, and more!

The homepage will now feature your newsfeed, this way you can keep up-to-date on all of the amazing audio your favorite users are making, plus check out what other community members are listening to.

Now you can discover new tracks and great artists no matter where you are by browsing through the listen page. It’s the best of Spreaker in the palm of your hand!

Like what you see? Tell us what you think!

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Vote for Spreaker in the Bizspark People’s Choice Awards!

This Thursday Spreaker will be taking part in talks with 11 other top startups at the BizSpark European Summit. They’ll be talking shop and presenting their businesses to fellow innovators and investors.

That same evening the People’s Choice Award will be held, and the most popular startup will be chosen.

This is where you guys come in – we need your votes! You’ve got until July 4th to give us all your Spreaker love and give us the chance to shine.

Come on guys, vote for Spreaker here!

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New Waveform for the Best Performance of Your Track

Our new player is catching a wave, just in time for summer.

It’s a new look that will make keeping track of what you listen to and what you like all the more easy. The track turns yellow as it plays, and you can toggle to listen to the exact moment you wish without guessing.

And don’t forget to click on the heart to mark your favorite sounds and broadcasts. Likes and listens are now clearly displayed under the episode’s title.

So what do you think guys? “Like” it? Let us know!

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Spreaker @ Sónar

In two days, Sónar 2013, the International Festival of Advanced Music and New MediaArt will take place in Barcelona, and we’re really proud to have been selected to pitch our app at Sónar D+ during the AppCircus Event.

Created in 1994,  Sónar has become a pioneering festival, the pulse of the current electronic music landscape. 

Activities will be divided into two main events: Sónar by Day, with concerts and showcases – the place to be to discover and track new talent; and Sónar by Night, which will be hosting the most famous names in the current international music scene.

Meanwhile at Sónar D+, professionals from various creative industry sectors will take the stage to showcase their creativity, technology, innovation, and business.

There are lots of concerts and meetings to attend, with a program full of activities for all tastes. Two days more for ’til it starts! Follow #sonar2013

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The Newsfeed Is Just Around the Corner!

Did you choose your best outfit? Are you ready to take center stage?

We’re almost prepared and can’t wait to have you beaming under the lights!

In just a few hours you’ll be strutting down the newsfeed like this:

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A stylish newsfeed is about to be released! Ready to take center stage?

We want to help you put your best foot forward, and our new newsfeed will be showcasing you right under the spotlight on Spreaker. Kind of like a Spreaker catwalk, y/y?

Pick out your best outfit and comb your hair – you’ll be displayed for all to see, just like this:

Catch who’s listening to what, and rest assured that your fans will always be up-to-date with your latest creations.

So be prepared, the newsfeed is coming soon!

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