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Share Spreaker’s Sounds with Your Facebook Collection

Keep track of all the sounds and talk you hear and discover every day on Spreaker thanks to your own Facebook Collection.  Build a story on your timeline of what you’ve listened to, and keep all the content together in one big album.

A Facebook Collection is a section that lets people express to the world the things that they care about as well as share these things with friends and family. Do you want to dedicate a specific part of your timeline to Spreaker? Now, you can! Follow these instructions and have your Spreaker sounds featured!

Step 1: Connect your Spreaker account with Facebook. Access this link  and allow the prompts to go through.


Step 2: Once your account is connected, go to the About section of your Facebook profile and click on the edit section.


Step 3- Enable the Spreaker app, drag and drop the section to the top, and your Spreaker Collection will have first place on your profile.

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Auto-Sharing for Tube Users: ON

Today we’re announcing a small, but oh-so-necessary new feature that will make using Spreaker even easier. Those of you who have been using our Tube option can now activate auto-sharing, so that your content will immediately be posted up on your social networks.

On the Tube page, as you’re setting up the details of your show, you can click on the social media icons on the bottom left to automatically share your content to your various profiles.

No more copying and pasting links for Tube users! Start sharing to let all your followers know about your upcoming shows!

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Meet the Team volume 18 #Dema

Despite introducing him only now, Dema has been with Spreaker since the very beginning. We’ll find it hard to believe if you don’t find our backend developer’s interview and recording highly entertaining:





Hi! Thanks for doing this interview with us and taking time out of your busy schedule. How are you?

Good for the moment, but I know I’m about to get shot by some paintball guns therefore don’t ask me the same question in a couple of hours ;).

We will (and did) get you good. Can you introduce yourself and let us know what you do at Spreaker?

Yes I can. But I won’t.

Just kidding, I’m a backend developer, whatever that means.

Thanks for indulging us. How did you start your job at Spreaker?

You mean my first day at work? First thing I did was ring the bell to get in. Once I did get in, I placed my laptop on a fabulous desk which is actually a ping pong table (you might not believe it but it’s really comfortable!) and the magic began.

So, which Spreaker feature do you like the most?

You know every person that tries the iPad app immediately falls in love with it, but since I’m an old-style kind of guy I’d say I prefer the web based deejay console; it’s easy to use yet powerful and it really allows everyone to speak up and share his or her opinions with the rest of the world.

Can you give us a few reasons why it’s great working at Spreaker?

Simple: it’s the best company in the world.

Well said. Even if you are a newbie, do you have any fun memories that you would like to share?

There are many, but my favorite is about a car trip that happened a couple of years ago involving a guy on the dev team; let’s give him a fantasy name to protect his privacy, let’s say his name is “Mark.” So these guys from Spreaker were traveling on an Italian motorway and they wanted to stop at a rest station. “Mark” spotted the sign first and said:

– Hey guys, look, we can stop at the ‘P. O. West Service Station’ right ahead.

spelling the “P.O.” in a very professional and computer sciencey tone, so that it could be well understood.

But obviously the service area name was referring to the main italian river, called the “Po,” which had been crossed just moments before. I wonder if in the U.S. “Mark” would have spelled also the “M.I.S.S.I.S.S.I.P.P.I.” service station ;).

BTW, I’m not that newbie you know, my user id at Spreaker is #3. To give you a reference, Zuckerberg’s at Facebook is #4.

What are your favorite podcasts on Spreaker?

The bit a bit show. It’s a pity it hasn’t been recorded in a while.

Where can we find you on the internet?

 @demademarsi (twitter),

Thanks for you time and lovely interview, Dema!

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Meet the Team Volume 15 #Manuele


Since arriving in Berlin, our team has been steadily growing, and one of our latest additions has been Manuele. We spoke to the our new designer about what he does and what it’s like to arrive in Germany, without knowing a lick of German.

Hi Manuele! Thanks for doing this interview with us and taking time out of your busy schedule. How are you?

Really fine, thanks. I’ve just arrived in Berlin and it’s pretty exiting to be here.

Can you introduce yourself and let us know what you do at Spreaker?

Sure, my name is Manuele, and I work as a designer here at Spreaker.
Basically my main job here is to make Spreaker even easier, more engaging and fun to use. And I really like it, indeed!

How did you start your job at Spreaker?

I’ve known Marco since the university years. A while ago he asked me if I wanted to meet the other guys at Spreaker, and of course I did. Basically they were looking for a designer and I was looking for a new challenge. A pretty good match I would say…

We think so too. So, which Spreaker feature do you like the most?

The ability to broadcast live, I believe that this is one of those features that really sets Spreaker apart and can be a lot of fun to use.

Can you give us a few reasons why it’s great working at Spreaker?

The team is simply great, driven and full of energy, and this really makes all the difference in the world to me. Also, working on Spreaker gives me a world of opportunity to elaborate and experiment in design for social interactions and sound creation and consumption. As a designer I couldn’t ask for more.

Even if you are a newbie, do you have any fun memories that you would like to share?

Well, nothing in particular yet, but I did just move to Germany without knowing a word of German. I’m sure I’m about to build a big, really big, collection of fun memories!

What are your favorite podcasts on Spreaker?

Lately I would say EAST COAST ROCKERS.

Where can we find you on the internet?

You can follow me on Twitter, I’m @Fhuel.

Thanks Manuele and have fun in Berlin 😉

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Revising Spreaker’s iPad App

Making sure that our platform provides you the quality broadcasting tools you need is our top priority, and so we always keep our ears open to what you have to say. It’s the reason behind our re-launching of a better iPad app.

Why the update? Well, we wanted to change what wasn’t working for you, and added features that will.

Here’s what you’ll find in our new iPad app:


Auto-ducking keeps your audio file volume down as you simultaneously talk on the mic. Music will automatically lower as you speak so that listeners can hear you clearly as you make your snappy commentary.

Push-to-Talk button.

The Push-to-Talk button activates your microphone on for only as long as you hold down the button.  It’s great for when you just want to add a few word here or there in your broadcast.


New recording and publishing streams now integrated with location and autoshare.

The new recording and publishing streams make adding your location to your episodes easier, and simplify manually auto-sharing your content.

Added login via Twitter

Choose to connect to your Spreaker account via Twitter, and enjoy easy sharing between the two platforms.


Try it out, go nuts, and of course, let us know what you think!


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Contests News

Android developers, we need your help!

Dear Android supporters, your moment has arrived – put your Android knowledge into play and show-off your Spreaker love! We know our Android app has a couple of glitches, and so now we come to you for help. Give us a hand in developing the features you want!

So, what do you need to do? Simple! Android aficionados, buffs, and whoever else has the craving to develop can access, and by using Spreaker’s API you can create the features that you want: a player, recorder, mixer, etc.

Once created, they’ll be made available to the Community, and the one with the most votes will be elected as our official app.

So, who’s up for trying out our API?

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Contests News

Update: Share your moments with us and send us a pic with Spreaker!

A few days ago we gave an assignment to our community that would help us get to know each other, where anyone could share their moments with Spreaker (if you’re not sure what we’re talking about, take a look at this). Today we want to change up this assignment a bit, and make it a true blue contest with a grand prize for the winner.

In fact, starting today (and only today) every photo posted on our FanPage as our Pic of the day will be up for voting, and whichever photo gets the most likes will get 6 months of our Broadcaster Plan free!

So how exactly can you get involved? Easy! Snap a picture of yourself using Spreaker on your PC, mobile, or whichever device of your choice, and send it to with the subject line “Pic Contest.” We’ll post one a day, and you’ll have until November 10th to vote on them.

Remember -be original and creative, and the most interesting picture will certainly be the ones most voted on. Don’t be shy, guys!

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New Features: Broadcast with the free DJ software Mixxx

Our Tube feature keeps on expanding! Those of you who prefer to use external tools when broadcasting along with Spreaker can now consider Mixxx as an option, a free DJ-software available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

To configure the two services together, we’ve put together a video tutorial to help you along:

[iframe 560 315]

Try it out, and let us know how it goes. Happy broadcasting!

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Q&A with Tracy Trost of Trost Moving Pictures

Tracy Trost is the mastermind behind Trost Moving Pictures, an independent film studio based in Tulsa, Oklahoma that has been celebrating success with its movies. Listen in to his interview with us on podcasting business practices and on investing in audio tools.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

My name Tracy Trost and I’m a writer, producer, and director with Trost Moving Pictures. I also have a consulting firm and movie making firm. I started podcasting about a year ago with Cliff Ravenscraft. I’ve always felt intrigued about podcasting and felt I had something to share.

How did you get into podcasting? Did podcasting come before or after Trost Moving Pictures?

Trost Moving Pictures started in 2008 with my first film Find Me, and that’s when we started to look into social networking. My producer Joe Justice started looking into Facebook and Twitter, and podcasting came naturally. Four years later, after The Lamb, I heard about Cliff Ravenscraft and contacted him, and that started our journey in doing social marketing. It really allows you to send a message to people in a way you couldn’t before. You can give people information that could benefit their lives, just like I do with my movies. Podcasting was jut a natural evolution of all that.

At Blog World this year, you’ll be talking about how to go above and beyond in making a great podcast. Do you mind giving us a taste of what you’ll be talking about?

I’ve learned that many issues that we deal with in business have nothing to do in business. It has to do with what who we are as individuals and what we believe, and the opinions we formed on things that may not be true. We react and respond according to these belief systems. I’ll explain on how do we look at ourselves and really analyze what we believe and why we believe it. I can help people discover things about themselves and then offer three keys of success.

What are important “don’ts” in podcasting to avoid?

Trying to do what someone else is already doing. You don’t have to recreate things, be yourself, be who you are – let your personality come through. People want something fresh and new.

How important are external tools to your podcast? Do you worry about having the proper equipment?

The great thing about today is that everything you need to podcast is at hand. I eventually invested in a really nice microphone, adapter, and cables. For under $100 dollars I was able to get the equipment for a high quality podcast. It depends if it’s professional or for fun, though if the quality is subpar people will notice it. In today’s world it doesn’t take a huge investment.

What are you looking forward to seeing at Blog World? Where do you hope podcasting is going?

I’m excited to see the people – and everybody there is in the same business, the people business. I get a charge out of people. I’m looking forward to meeting entrepreneurial types, creative types, all trying to turn their passion into a business. I’m looking to learn, and go to the classes.

As far as to where podcasting is going, our delivery system of content will change, everything will become wireless, and even cars will eventually be wi-fi equipped. Eventually you’ll be able to download a podcast anywhere. It’s great because anybody can do it – podcasting has really become one of the main forms of communication.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Life is communication: the more we can communicate and share, the more we can learn and grow from each other. It’s all about how can we impact others with a positive message.

Thanks Tracy, that was great!

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Mobile App News

Improved iOS app: now you can chat with listeners and producers

Spreaker Old Dark version Music Podcasting Console
It’s a news-filled week here at Spreaker, and we’d love to share all of our updates and announcements with you.

Today, it’s our beautiful iOS app’s turn, presenting a chat-box for users and listeners. Broadcasting and listening on the go is already pretty amazing, but chatting is even better. You can share ideas and opinions about podcasts in real time, ask questions to the broadcaster, and take part in a show as a fellow co-host!

As for the web version, you can chat when everyone is connected together through a live show, though once it goes off the air, the chat disappears and the conversion is not saved.

So guys, update your app and give us your feedback!

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