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Say Hello to our new Spreaker Headquarters!

Around the end of May our CEO Francesco had been searching for a new, cool office in San Francisco, and finally we can announce that we have a cozy and sweet office at Pier 38.

There’s a window facing the bay, a strictly Italian-only espresso machine, and the determination to watch our States staff grow.

For the time being the office still echoes a bit – it’s a small team right now, but we know we can count on your support to help us along.

So guys, willing to give us a hand? How about in exchange for some true blue Italian espresso? Send a tweet to our CEO @thebask, you’ll often find him walking on the wharf with an iPad in hand!

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Feature Update: New Enabled Formats!

Hey guys from now on you won’t have to wait hours converting you files into mp3s, but will be able to upload them directly to Spreaker. Starting today the following formats are supported:

-3gp / 3gpp
-mp4 / m4a

Space is now available for all of your iTunes tracks and those cool and fun recordings previously shared with friends. Now you can use and transmit them with Spreaker.

Happy broadcasting!

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Poached Code

We know that the World is full of talent, but sometimes it is not that easy to find; and this is particularly the case in Italy, where the developer community is heavily fragmented. So if you’re in the need of a talented (or rockstar) developer, what recruiting tool should you use – since the old fashioned word of mouth is of little use here?

At Spreaker found the answer in Coderloop. Coderloop is an awsome (and very addictive) puzzle game for developers. The rules are simple: you have to solve specific problems – for which a clear requirement specification is given in plain English – writing real code. A large number of programming languages is supported so I’m sure you will find your favorite one there and will be able to start coding immediately.

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Now you can broadcast LIVE in one click

Broadcasting your live show has never been easier!

In just one click you will be able to create a new episode, and using the link “more options” you can add all the information to describe your show and give more details about you. Tags, categories and description will help you to be found by the community. If you host more than one show, the Broadcast page will open directly to the last episode but you can chose for which of them you are going to create a new one.

Are you ready to go live? Click on the broadcast button and open the new Deejay Console. Here you can decide to broadcast a live show or just record an episode. Scheduling a program is no longer required, you can broadcast a live at any time! For sharing your episodes on Facebook, connect your Spreaker profile with Facebook Connect and keep your Facebook wall updated. Lots of news to be discovered also in the Edit page, so what are you waiting for? Try the new features and give us your feedbacks.

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You asked, we listened. Spreaker application for the iPhone is here!

Listening to your favourite radio shows has never been easier. Spreaker for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is now available for download on the iTunes store. It features an easy to use interface which allows you to listen to the thousands of radio shows and programs available on the website.

In addition, DJs and content creators will be able to check the performance of their shows in real time and keep in touch with their audience wherever they are.

Our goal is to make live audio broadcasting on the Internet available to everyone – says Francesco Baschieri, CEO and co-founder of Spreaker. Nowadays, online radio audience is growing fast and in the near future we will be able to listen to any internet audio stream directly from a variety of devices, including our car stereo. Our new iPhone app goes in the direction of changing the perception of web radios as audio streams which are exclusively enjoyable through personal computers.

The Spreaker iPhone application is available in two languages (English and Italian) and more will follow.

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Spreaker Community Guidelines

Spreaker is an open and free community where each user has the right to chat and share ideas while broadcasting good music. However there are some Community Guidelines.

These Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of Spreaker. Don’t forget that your use of Spreaker is subject to these Community Guidelines and our Terms of use.

By uploading a piece of content on the Spreaker site, you are representing that you have accepted the Spreaker Community Guidelines.

While using Spreaker, use common sense!!!

We’re a community of many types of people. Diversity is our strenght and our beauty, but all users have the right to feel safe and comfortable using the Spreaker website. So, be responsible and respect our guidelines.

  • Respect copyright. In other words, don’t post copyrighted content (including links to third party websites) without permission from the owner.
  • Be respectful to each other.  There is no tolerance for predatory behaviour, disparaging or defamatory comments, threats, harassment, illegal activities, invading privacy, racial hatred, discrimination of any kind, offensive cultural behaviour, vulgar or obscene content, or other inappropriate behaviour or the revealing of other members’ personal information.
  • Comply with law. Make sure you comply with all applicable rules and laws. Do not promote information that you know or think is criminal or illegal.

Spreaker reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against anyone who, in Spreaker’s sole discretion, is in breach of these Community Guidelines, including without limitation, removing the offending content from the Spreaker site without notice and terminating the username of such users. Spreaker will determine in its sole discretion whether content and/or conduct is in breach of these Community Guidelines.

We will update these Community Guidelines from time to time, so please check the community’s page frequently.


If you wish to flag inappropriate material to Spreaker, please send an email to referring the episode and the exact episode timing when these guidelines have been broken.

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