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Christian Radio Syndication and Podcasting, Matt Thomas of Know The Truth (KTT.org) – Spreaker Live Show #48

Spreaker Live Show host and Head of Content Rob Greenlee speaks with Matt Thomas, Executive Director of “Know The Truth” (KTT.org) who was on the radio/podcasting panel session at NRB’s Proclaim16 religious media conference on February 25th, 2016.  “Know The Truth” is a nationally syndicated radio show airing on over 450 radio stations. Produces the “Know The Truth Daily Podcast” on iTunes.

We discuss national syndication of christian radio and the move to podcasting. The struggle between re-distribution and original content. How they grew national syndication of the radio side across the USA and the growing importance of podcasting to reach younger listeners. We discuss the National Religious Broadcaster’s Proclaim16 Convention (NRBConvention.com) Feb 22-26, 20016 in Nashville.

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Show Guest Topics:

  • He tells about the Nationally Syndicated “Know The Truth Radio Show and Daily Podcast”?
  • Is the podcast version of the radio show different?
  • How long have you been offering the podcast? How important is the podcast now?
  • How important is the radio distribution part for the show now as digital has started to take off?
  • Is your radio distribution via satellite?
  • What do you think about streaming, radio vs. the download model of podcasting?
  • What are some of the best ways Podcasting can be used to spread the word of god and faith!
  • Where do you record the show?
  • How should faith-based podcasters promote their shows and is local the future? or do you see more of a national/global focus?
  • Matt talks about NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) and Proclaim16 Convention?
  • Is on demand audio going to dramatically change radio in the near term? Apps in Cars?

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