Creativity Hacks: How to Stay Inspired

Sometimes ideas pour in like rain during a monsoon, while other times they lazily snooze, making us feel anxious. Everyone whose work depends on a continuous stream of fresh ideas is acquainted with these creativity ripples. Surely, there must be a way to take in inspiration and feel more productive, but how?

They say that success is 10% talent and 90% hard work. If that’s true, then could creativity be 10% luck and 90% your efforts? Creativity finds us, while we do things. To keep on going, it’s essential to stay inspired and motivated on a daily basis. Both high and low inspiration levels are based on certain lifestyles and habits. Some may be very individual, but others are quite generic and not difficult to achieve. 

We’ve marked 7 hacks for boosting creativity. Will you agree or disagree with them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

1. Go out and talk to people

Have you been wearing that “You Read My T-Shirt – That’s Enough Social Interaction For One Day” tee and locked your doors, avoiding all human contact? Sometimes you close yourself up in your imagination and the illusions you create, but it doesn’t make you more productive (though you would think so). Surrounding yourself with talented, smart, and energetic people can help widen your mind and get fresh ideas. So go out, listen to people, and get inspired by their stories (even if they have nothing to do with your work). 


2. Stay disciplined

Deep down you know what’s good for you. You also know what you want to achieve. It’s essential to be disciplined, starting with the smallest daily things: like avoiding the snooze button, for instance.

Discipline, if practiced, can benefit not only in boosting creativity, but in other aspects of your life as well. However, it should be mentioned that too much discipline can cause boredom. So the key is to find that balance

3. Don’t fight procrastination too hard

So, you blocked Facebook on your browser and then threw out anything that could be distracting. Did it then start to feel kind of awkward? The truth is, you can procrastinate and get things done. To start embracing the procrastination in a smart way, read this.

4. Spend some time outdoors

Probably one of the purest and most effective creativity boosters is… nature. It calms you down, it heals, and it gives you energy. One weekend spent in proper natural surroundings (and by proper, we don’t mean an afternoon in NYC’s Central Park, but rather a real escape from the city) can bring inspiration for the whole week. 


5. Stay content

When you’re happy, life feels more beautiful and more creative. Treat yourself well: get that chocolate croissant for breakfast, or buy that book that caught your eye the other day. Creativity starts from learning how to enjoy the tiniest of things. 

6. Embrace spontaneity

Planning is good, but nothing feels more joyous than doing something spontaneously. Yes, you planned to start one project this morning, but if you get inspiration to accomplish another, don’t blindly stick to your plan – that creativity spurt won’t last forever. It’s ok to jump from one thing to another, if you feel like or make spontaneous decisions.  

7. Love is the answer

Sometimes it can be hard to stay creative for one sad reason – perhaps, you’re not where you belong, or you’re not doing what you would like to do. That’s the most dangerous creativity killer. If you do what you love, creativity will come. From the other side, try to love what you do. This, no matter how cliched it may sound, might be the answer

And what are your creativity hacks? Let us know!

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