Discovering the Community: Bickford and Covington

Doctors Bickford and Covington have helped many listeners shift perspective with their popular podcast Living-Consciousness.

We spoke to both of them about how broadcasting has helped broaden their audience and work.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

Dr. Kurt R. Bickford Dr. Bickford has earned two Master’s degrees and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, with specialization training in a number of areas including neuropsychology, neurotherapy, hypnosis, family systems and couples work. In addition to professional standing as a licensed Clinical Psychologist, he is also a licensed Marriage, Family & Child therapist, a credentialed Educational Psychologist, and credentialed teacher.

Dr. Bickford has practiced in the profession of psychology at a variety of levels since 1974, including a private practice in Redlands, California for the past twenty years. The practice has evolved to include executive & Consciousness coaching, working with private industry, educational institutions and healthcare services such as hospitals. He also is an independent medical examiner for the state of California, and has experience as an expert witness for the courts. He continues to pursue advanced training from masters in the field, and is now teaching and training others in the understanding of human behavior and interaction. He believes that all things human begin with the individual.

Dr. Tracy J. Covington Dr. Covington gathered an eclectic education as she pursued her interests and gifts. Her desire to empower others along with her intellect led her to a Master’s degree followed by a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, ultimately becoming a licensed Clinical Psychologist. She has fulfilled this passion in a variety of professional settings including hospitals, where she developed a strong desire to help patients with chronic pain and chronic disease processes such as cancer. She developed the first support group for young adults diagnosed with cancer, developed a rehabilitation center for the treatment of chronic pain and stress conditions where she utilized an inter-disciplinary approach, now a standard in the industry. She has presented research at both national and international levels, and her private practice of twenty years has now evolved to executive and Consciousness coaching and teaching others the possibilities in the human endeavor.

Thanks for talking to us! What made you start Living-Consciousness?

We offer, through our psychology practice, a monthly seminar series; we wanted to add a radio show to share and market the Living-Consciousness series.

What was your experience in consciousness and psychology before?

Our psychological practice, since 1991, has been embraced by a consciousness infrastructure.

Why Spreaker?

I researched the different platforms available for radio distribution and noted the Spreaker site to be engaging, easy to learn and navigate with awesome mobility options. The iPad DJ makes our show recordings easy and fun no matter where we are! We did a series from India… in front of the Taj, at a Monastery … as well as from our home and corporate offices.

That’s awesome! How do you organize shows? How do you plan what each show will be on?

Our show is organized to complement our monthly One-Day-Seminars. The show summarizes the previous seminar as well as provides a “tasting” for the upcoming seminar. We post our shows on a couple of our websites: and

Do you rely on social networking to promote the show?

We use lots of social networking in conjunction to our mailing lists and email subscribers.

Has this podcast helped you personally or professionally?

The podcast has helped us immensely… and we are always so excited to host another show enhancing our skills in teaching consciousness and sharing our knowledge. Personally, we have a lot of fun just hosting the show every month. We share from a predetermined content that mixes with our impromptu and allow for a lot of our relationship (24 years married) and playfulness to shine through. Professionally… we have been able to connect our teachings to others through a free service which allows us to give back to our communities at large.

Excellent! Anything else you’d like to share?

We hope that will be part of our networking family for a long time to come!

 You can count on it! Thanks guys!

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