Discovering the Community: Gav and Pete of The Funny Looking Podcast

Comedy savants can tune in to Gav and Pete on The Funny Looking Podcast for interviews with some of the greatest British comedians around, and you know, maybe laugh along. Gav spoke to us on the genesis of the podcast and how keeping a great sense of humor has helped him succeed in the medium.

Do you mind introducing yourselves?

We are The Funny Looking Podcast and we are looking for the funny and then making it our mission to share it with our listeners. In short, our podcasts are a celebration of things we find funny and, considering us, has been remarkably successful in the few months we have been toying with it. As an example of things we like, we’ve interviewed, among others, Pappy’s, Simon Munnery, Andy Zaltzman and Arthur Smith, here on Spreaker of course!

We have an almost monthly podcast coming out of and of course our Spreaker podcast, where we still get great guests and we get to talk and vent our nonsense!

This Spreaker podcast is registered to me, Gav, but I wouldn’t be anywhere without Pete. What a guy!

Those are some awesome guests! When and how did you get into comedy?

I have been a fan of comedy all my life, a child in the days when you could watch decades old but still hilarious Laurel & Hardy as well as the latest comedians lauded in the Alternative Comedy boom of my youth. From stand-ups, books, movies and comic theatre to my own brief forays as a stand up, I love to read, watch, share and understand what makes a great comedian.

Who, or what, are your comedy inspirations?

Starting with Mr Laurel & Mr Hardy, I think I have a broad church of comedy interests! At the moment people like Simon Munnery, Kevin Eldon, and Richard Herring hold my interest as very individual performers and writers. Consistently inventive, creative and tenacious. If I was to go into the archive I would also cite Spike Milligan as a performer/writer that shaped the type of comedic endeavor I enjoy.

When and why did podcasting come into the equation?

I was sent on a comedy writing course by my wife for my 40th birthday. That is where I cemented my interest in finding an outlet for my urges… It was podcasting or terrible things. Pete already had a podcast going about music, so I roped him into thinking that being in his 20s he would know a thing or two. Well.

Funny Looking marked its 1st anniversary this Easter, 2013 and we are just pleased people listen!

What are you thoughts about making people laugh through just pure audio?

Audio comedy, on tape and record and radio, has always been a key outlet for comedy. The amount of people that have started in this form went on to other successes. Plus it is so easy to listen to who you want to listen to, anywhere and any time. I don’t think it will ever disappear.

Why Spreaker?

I discovered Spreaker through following the always excellent Brian Gittins. He has a fantastically funny, thoughtful and fascinating show on Spreaker. Then I started following the equally funny Basil Bottler show. That is when I said to Pete, we gotta get on this Spreaker bus! Our show is a companion piece to our other show. Also, as Pete and I work together, I sometimes force him to record snatched live podcasts on my phone. He says he hates it but you know, he probably means it.

What do you hope listeners can get out of the show?

We hope they get to share our enthusiasm for things we find funny, that they join in with us and Skype in and chat with our lovely guests, or that they be influenced enough to go out and start their own comedy revolution. Claiming us as their comedy prophets and ensuring us the attention and respect we crave in our empty lives.

Or they just like it. And us. A bit.

I’m positive they do. How else are you spreading the word? Through social networking?

We are Funny Looking all over the social networks! Liberally! Facebonk, the Twitters, @funnylookingpod, Google+ (don’t understand that one) and even Vine. I like Vine. Do you Vine?

What is Vine?

We believe in Vine. Has this podcast helped you personally or professionally?

I have been introduced to some great people and one of those is the very supportive Mr. Arthur Smith, the legendary stand-up, writer and broadcaster. He liked what we were doing and who we were interested in and asked us to find his support acts on his latest tour.

We have plans to expand our live Skype interview model and are always open to suggestions!

I love the Spreaker model, I have been telling lots of people about how easy it is. What smashing people you are!

That’s amazing, great! Anything else you’d like to share?

We are off to the Machynlleth Comedy Festival in May where we intend to run a few live podcasts and hopefully bag a few great interviews!

We also might have a superb live guest coming up… Follow us and find out!

Good luck guys, thanks so much!

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