Discovering the Community: Geekologista

We talked to Jaime of Geekologista about her love of ecology, nature, and technology. It’s an interesting mix that will keep you listening, and really make you think about the relationship between the environment and what’s new in the tech world. Read on to find out more about Jaime’s passions, and how they arrived to the airwaves.

Care to introduce yourself to the community?

I’m Jaime, although online you might know me as Geekologista. I like nature, the countryside, and animals, but I have to live in the city. I’m a vegetarian frustrated by medicine, but I always continue to try new things. I like everything about technology: I’ve used Windows for 15 years, and this year I have a Mac. I’ve also tested out Linux a few times, and I’ll definitely try it again. Of course, my tablet is an iPad, and my cell phone is a Nexus 4.

When and how did you start podcasting? How did you find Spreaker?

I started podcasting in May-June 2012. I found Spreaker through a YouTube video by Converso 73, leading me to your blog where I discovered podcasting. I spent a month listening to Converso Lives in Red and Tolo330, El Camionero Geek. I loved listening, and then decided to start recording myself in June. Since then I’ve recorded about 90 episodes,  though 30-40 of them were hardly listened by anyone. Spreaker found out about it via Converso, and I found the perfect style by recording in an informal way without having to waste a lot of time.

In regards to your podcast, any favorite episodes?

My podcast is about technology from a user’s perspective, as well as ecology, environment and energy – though I’m almost always talking about technology. I don’t have any particular favorites, if anything I’d pick my most influential or listened to episodes.

Do you use social networks to promote your show? If so, how?

I do directly share between Twitter and Spreaker’s platform through direct connect, and when I record offline people contact me via email, Twitter, or a new community called TecnoSpreaker. We just created it on Google+, and it seems to be having some success!

Your podcast is linked to a blog you manage, do you talk about the same topics, or cover different ones?

I have two blogs, with one dealing with technology, though it has no direct relationship to my Spreaker podcast. They deal with similar issues, but operate separately and don’t refer to each other.

Is there a strong tech community in Spain talking on Spreaker? Who are your favorite podcasters and why?

My favorite podcaster is Tolo, El Camionero Geek, as well as PuroMac RupertDax. I feel like they’re normal people who don’t let fame get to their heads, and are close with their listeners.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Nothing in particular, I hope you liked my answers – and thanks for the interview!

No, thank you, we loved it!

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