Discovering the Community: John Guinn

Who doesn’t love getting away from it all once in a while? John of The John Guinn Travel Show can help us do that with tips and advice from within the industry itself. John graciously talked to us about his experience in podcasting and how it has helped him grow within the business.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

My name is John Guinn and I am a travel researcher based in the UK. I find the ideal holiday (vacation) for my clients and I produce a personalised guide book so that they get the most out of their trip.

Nice to meet you! When and why did you get into podcasting?

I started a travel show on a local community internet radio station called Secklow Sounds. The podcasting was an ideal way to reach those who are unable to listen during the live broadcasts. I started the show as there was a gap in broadcasted travel information in the UK. Shows are either all about what can go wrong or they are too sugar coated. I wanted to suggest great destinations for my listeners but also to share the techniques required to research a great holiday.

It’s a great idea. Are your travel tips from personal experience, or do you do a lot of research?

It’s a mixture of both. My own personal experiences may not be of any help to everyone, so I don’t want to just be a “do as I did” show. There is a lot of great information available if you know where to look. I use my show to save my listeners the hassle in finding it for themselves.

What do you love about traveling?

Trying out new things, experiencing new cultures and just waking up to a new view once in a while is what I need to stay sane.

What was your favorite trip?

There’s too many to choose from. Spending two weeks volunteering on an animal sanctuary in Namibia (N/a’an ku sê) was great. Not only did I get hands on experience of working with cheetahs and leopards, I also made new friends across the world. My last trip was to Antigua, where I experienced outstanding service from the team at St James’ Club. A nice relaxing holiday and totally different to N/a’an ku sê. I could go on..

That’s kind of totally amazing. What do you hope listeners can get out of the show?

I hope that they get ideas of where to visit next and also to learn techniques that they can use to ensure that they have a trip that is memorable for the right reasons. The internet only tells you the answer to the question that you have asked and some travel companies only tell you what they need to so that they get the sale. With good research a traveller can find the trip that suits them and is not dependent on a current sales promotion or on an answer that a ‘dumb’ website gives you.

How else are you spreading the word? Through social networking?

Business networking while promoting my own company and social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @Holiday_Hut).

We’ll make sure to check you out there, too. Has this podcast helped you personally or professionally?

Personally it has helped me improve my speaking technique (I also give presentations to social and business groups). Professionally? My travel company is a one man band. This show has helped me to meet people in the travel industry who I might not have met, as my small company probably wouldn’t have popped up on their radar. I have also learnt a lot about various destinations and I have been able to share my skills with others. A representative of a large travel agency called my drive to share ‘industry insider skills’ through my presentations, shows and book as the “stupidest idea ever.” So I must be doing something right…

It’s also a lot of fun.

Him saying that to you absolutely means you’re doing something right. Anything else you’d like to share?

Over the summer I am going to start featuring UK destinations and attractions, which hopefully will be of interest to my UK listeners who may be having a staycation this year and to my overseas listeners who may be coming to the UK. I will also answer listeners’ questions with a travel clinic section, so start sending your questions in to or via my Facebook page.

Thanks for the great interview John!

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