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Maximum Threshold Radio Show is your stop for music that rocks and guaranteed entertainment. We spoke to Program Director and co-host Dom Rini on the show’s legacy and ongoing success in the music biz, plus how he keeps the energy and guests coming:

Hello, I am Domonic Rini, I am known as the Program Director and Host of the Maximum Threshold Radio Show at We have been doing our online radio show for over 7 years and have built a strong worldwide following. Our show is a mix of comedy, hard rock and metal and entertainment. We are really shocking at times and try to make our interviews sound like they are conversations between friends. On our Saturday night live show we have co-hosts Dom Rini, Michael Strong and David Lee Kay. Each of us are musicians. David is a professional photographer who does work for Hustler Magazine and numerous other ones. He also runs the Maximum Threshold Magazine. I run all the online and social sites. Michael is an extremely talented drummer and 80’s music buff.

Wow, quite the lineup of professional guys! You’ve had some amazing guests – how do you contact them? 

Well, we get our guests from many different avenues. A large chunk of them come from public relations organizations who we have worked with over the years. We have also built up a nice set of credentials in the music industry with the artists. We are also a voting member of the Grammy Awards. It is not unusual to have 3-4 interviews with rockstars every episode in a 3 hour program.

How about Downtown Julie Brown, or Matt Byrne, how did you get in
contact with them?

Downtown Julie Brown was someone I was following on Twitter, and I just happened to reach out to her and asked her if she would like to talk rock music and whatever with us. I told her up front that our show is wacky but in good clean and extreme fun. We didn’t let her down either.  Matt Byrne, well we have a strong friendship with Jamey Jasta, who fronts Hatebreed and have had him and other band members on our show over the years.

What motivates you to contact particular guests? Is it mainly fandom?

What motivates to contact certain guests – now that’s a funny one. Example. I watch B-movies, and if I find them entertaining I search them out on IMDB, and then contact the actors directly. We talk movies and just bs about whatever, and it is for the most part pretty entertaining, as we are all gifted in many areas in entertainment.

Any interesting interview stories that didn’t make it on the air?

What interesting interviews didn’t make the air? We have only edited out one interview in the past 7 years and over 500 interviews. That one was a pretty recent one with Chris Jericho (WWE and Singer Fozzy), seems Michael was asking Jericho some pretty bad questions, and they were not prepared for us. I thought Michael was going to get the “Lion Tamer” from Jericho. It was all in fun and in the name of comedy.
For a list of a some of the interviews we have covered you can go here and listen to some of them. I am sure you will find some other ones that will captivate you for a while.

How do you go about publicizing episodes?

We started off on Podomatic in 2005 and still have an active account with them to host some segments, but we host our shows on our servers. We have recently reached out to Spreaker to see if it would help us. We have noticed almost 600 downloads of our show in just a few days with almost 70 followers without even really advertising. I have been pushing Spreaker hoping it can work for us and it would reciprocate to them also. Would like to really figure out a way how to maximize Spreaker and Maximum Threshold.

Any other guests or events coming up on the show?

We don’t plan out farther than one week. It is not crazy to not have anyone scheduled on the show until a day or so before we go live. We have a strong network of artists and new bands who seek to have airplay on our show. We have always kept the motto that we are for the unsigned bands, and that’s what we have strove to do over the years. Our show is configured like a concert would be; an opener, middle band, and a headliner. In our vision it is an unsigned band, a semi well known artist and headliner would be the big draw. Using this technique it would help the unsigned artist get some recognition on the recorded podcast as well as having new listeners.

Thanks so much for talking to us, Dom!

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