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Live Mediagol features live sports journalism and live soccer coverage around the clock; and Palermo fans need go no further for info on their team. We spoke to director of Mediagol, William, about the status of online sports journalism today, and how podcasting has helped build the site’s fanbase.

Who makes up your team? is an online sports newspaper based in Palermo, established around six years ago, that has become in a short amount of time an important touchstone for web readers interested in the “rosanero” (Parlermo’s soccer team colors). The project is upheld by young and trustworthy journalists, and a prestigious partnership with local companies allowing us to produce TV and radio broadcasts.

Great! How did you enter the world of podcasting?

Since the very beginning, we’ve made technology and new media our strong point by experimenting and looking for new solutions. In terms of podcasting, we’ve tried different options, but Spreaker most satisfied our needs, giving us the qualities and winning social features that work best.

We’re happy to hear that! What do you think of the development of online sports journalism?

Not only did the way we follow sports news change, but the entire journalism world changed as well. Of course, covering soccer, especially on this level, still gives us difficulties due to a number of restrictions upheld by various sports societies and the Soccer League, but I’m convinced that with time the right compromise can be made. For now we’re holding tight to the right to an opinion and relationship with the people.

Any favorite sports memories?

Each day brings a new memory to mind. In Palermo, what seemed to touch most of our readers, listeners, and viewers was our return in Seria A in the final game of Coppa Italia between Rome and. Inter, the athletic preparations during the summer retreat , and, of course, the player trading.

How do you prepare each episode? 

We broadcast using three different product models on Spreaker: classic daily episodes made in collaboration with our partner Radio Action 101.2, where we promote news and music; commentary and opinion episodes that we conduct via Skype;  and finally, live event coverage that we can broadcast via an iPhone or iPad.

How do you find listeners? Better yet, how do you use social networks to make your listener community grow? 

In regards to our web listeners, we’re helped by the fact that already has a strong following, and so inserting Spreaker widgets during our live shows proves to be really helpful to our readers. Facebook and Twitter also help, with readers interacting with us during our live coverage.

Awesome! Has this podcast helped you professionally? If so, how? 

Certainly. On a technical level, we’re benefiting from a quality and modern product that doesn’t require complex connections, cables, and antennae. Furthermore, our channel is immediately available on Apple’s iTunes Store, and our podcasts are free to download and listen to on any smartphone or tablet.

We’re very satisfied by Spreaker’s service and we’re proud to know that an Italian company was able to find success on an international level.

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