Discovering the Community: Pit Stop Radio

Formula 1 fans can always find a steady source of information and entertainment on Pit Stop Radio, hosted by the super expert on the subject: Sarah. She spoke with us on the evolution of the show, and her passion for racing:

Do you mind introducing yourself?

Hello, my name is Sarah, I am a massive Formula one fan, and I am the host of Pit Stop Radio on Spreaker. I also run #F1POTD on the @F1_Fans_Updates Twitter.

Great! How and when did you get into F1?

I first got into F1 in 2007, which was Lewis Hamilton’s first season in the sport, I was intrigued and amazed with his first season and his driving style, as it was a very close and interesting battle between Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen. The rest, as they say, is history and I’ve been hooked ever since.

How did Pit Stop Radio start? Had you already been doing it before coming to Spreaker?

A good friend of mine, Dr Detroit from Couch Potato Radio on Spreaker, knew about my love for Formula 1 and he suggested I start up my own F1 show. I researched the internet, and although there were a couple of F1 radio shows, Spreaker had none for F1 fans. I put the wheels in motion on May 11, 2012 and started my F1 radio show Pit Stop Radio on Spreaker.

We’re happy to have you! Can you give us some racing 101 for those who don’t follow the sport?

Sure, to put it simply there are:

  • 11 teams – RedBull, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, Lotus, Williams, Sauber, Force India, Toro Rosso, Caterham, and Marussia
  • 22 drivers – each team competes with 2 drivers.
  • 19/20 races all over the world
  • 2 trophies – World Drivers’ Championship (for the driver who at the end of the season has the most points) and World Constructors Championship (For the team who at the end of the season has the most points)
  • Points are given out at each race – 1st – 25pts, 2nd – 18pts, 3rd – 15pts, 4th – 12pts, 5th – 10pts, 6th – 8pts, 7th – 6pts, 8th – 4pts, 9th – 2pts and 10th – 1pt
  • For more information on Formula 1 click here

Any other racing events you look forward to throughout the year?

Personally, I don’t watch any other motor sport, but there are some great ones out there such as: GP2, BTCC, MotoGP, and many more.

Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your listeners?

I use VACs to link up Skype with the DJ console to enable callers to call in live on the show and share their opinions. Also, I have a website where I have a Pit Stop Radio chat room that gives listeners the opportunity to chat along live with the show, and have their opinions read out on air.

Has this podcast helped you personally or professionally?

I would defiantly say that Pit Stop Radio has helped me personally, as I have met some amazing people through it. Also, it has helped with my confidence as I used to be quite shy and had a stutter, but since starting Pit Stop Radio my confidence has grown and my stutter has improved a lot.

Amazing work, we can honestly say that. Anything else you’d like to share?

I have a lot planned this year for Pit Stop Radio, including some very special F1 personalities as guests. During the F1 season shows are LIVE Saturdays and Mondays 8PM GMT, and you can listen to yesterday’s episode with special guest Gary Hartstein, the former F1 doctor.

Also as well as doing PitStopRadio, I also run a F1 Twitter page called @F1_Fans_Updates, where I keep everyone updated with the latest F1 news, tweet live updates from every race, and also run a daily F1 poll called #F1POTD. There I ask a daily F1 question for my followers to answer, and at the end of the day I collect the results and tweet the top 3 answers. If anyone misses a #F1POTD answer they can find a list of all the 2013 #F1POTD results on the Pit Stop Radio website.

Finally, if anyone would like further information on Pit Stop Radio, please see the below key links:

  • The PitStopRadio website where you can listen to the show live, and take part in the show LIVE via the chat room.
  •  The official Pit Stop Radio Twitter.
  • And of course the Pit Stop Radio Spreaker page where you can listen live to the show and listen back/download all past shows.

Great Sarah, thanks so much and keep up with the amazing work!

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